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RTA’s are the ultimate combination of convenience and customization. They’re also one of the areas where the vape market is chock-full of innovation. There are quite literally hundreds on the market these days, and since many are very pricey it’s important to find exactly the right RTA for you!

That’s why we’ve put this guide together. In it, our team breaks down our favorite RTA’s in lots of different categories. We’ll show you the best flavor-chasers, cloud-chasers, and versatile tanks on the market.

Here’s a quick look at some of our all-around top picks:




first mouth-to-lung rebuildable tank atomizer
CSMNT Cosmonaut RDA by District F5VE
Geek Vape Griffin 25AugVape MerlinKayfun V5 by SvoëMesto
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Best RTA Reviews

  • Geek Vape Griffin 25
  • AugVape Merlin
  • VandyVape Kylin
  • VandyVape Triple 28
  • SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast
  • SvoeMesto Kayfun V5

1. Geek Vape Griffin 25


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“gives you a phenomenal juice capacity”

Geek Vape’s original Griffin was a great tank in its own right, but the new 25mm version is definitely the apex of the design. It gives you a phenomenal juice capacity, as well as a design that achieves both high volume and strong flavor.

This is one of our largest recommendations, and it’s an ideal value option for people who want plenty of clouds.


This is a real honker of a tank. It measures 25mm in diameter! This is one of the largest RTA’s on the market. So, if you’re looking for sheer size, this is a good place to get it!

“perfect for someone who hates having to refill”

The biggest advantage of something this large is the amount of juice you can fit in the tank. The Geek Vape boasts a whopping 6ml in capacity, so it’s perfect for someone who hates having to refill. Heavy users in particular will appreciate this one. That’s especially true compared to the VandyVape Triple, which is actually larger but has a smaller capacity.

Geek Vape Griffin 25 top filled design

Like our other recommendations, it’s a top-fill design. The whole top pops off for refills.

The size is also a boon for building! Having such a big tank leaves room for a 17mm deck. It’s nice and roomy, and very easy to work on. As far as the deck design, it’s fairly standard: a dual-post, side-tensioned, velocity-style platform.

With so much space, and two holes on each post, you can do anything up to quad-coil designs. It should be easy to use any kind of wire or orientation you have in mind!

geek vape griffin quad-coil designsThe Griffin 25 has a smartly-designed integrated flow control. It has a couple of bottom tubes in the base. They improve airflow to the core, and provide 4.4mm by 3.5mm direct airways that also double as wicking channels!

“We love the integration of juice flow control and airflow control”

We really like this setup. It’s simpler and easier than other flow controls. We love the integration of juice flow control and airflow control, too! The base of the tank twists to control both.

Beyond the actual mechanism, we think you’ll enjoy the machining on the components you use to adjust the settings. The rings click along in a really satisfying way, like adjusting a dive watch. All the settings are clearly defined. We particularly like the notched rings which differentiate between the twistable airflow controls and the threading to take the tank apart.

The massive dual air holes on the bottom are ideal for volume vaping.We’re actually recommending the top airflow model, with four additional vents at the top. It increases the chimney height over the standard version and gives you additional control, besides the bottom air channels/flow channels. You can rotate to adjust the top section, just like the bottom!

You can certainly get this without the top airflow if you know you have no interest in using it, but it gives you a lot more range for the price. In fact, we can’t think of any real reason why they’ve made the standard model. The top airflow actually gives you the practical experience of the other as an option, if you just close off the top airflow.

It’s good for flavor, and great for cloud-chasing! You can really rip on one of these with the top open. Or, close it off to get more flavor. Overall, the airflow options are nice and versatile, although it’s definitely aimed more at the cloud-chaser.

The whole thing’s topped off by a 10mm Delrin drip tip with a wide bore. It’s direct-lung only (this is all about volume), but the 510 adapter lets you use any standard drip tip you like.

The Griffin 25 is especially well-made for the price. The top is sealed with both threading and an o-ring to prevent leaks from the big tank. The construction is from stainless steel and silica glass, with US-made PEEK insulators and a gold-plated 510 contact pin.

griffin 25 construction

Unlike so many other RTA pins, this one’s adjustable! You can’t make any major changes, but you can do enough to get a good fit on most mods. It’s much easier to get this flush than with some others.

The quality and machining precision is phenomenal for a Chinese import. Geek Vape have gotten a good reputation in this department, and we don’t think this RTA is any exception.

The Griffin 25 comes with lots of spare parts, including a replacement glass section. The replacement glass is actually glazed, so it provides an alternative look as well as a backup component. You also get two ceramic blocks for single-coil vaping.

It comes in black and stainless finish options. We think both look pretty snazzy! They’re nicely polished and they look sleeker the the size would suggest.


This is massive. We only suggest it for dual-battery mods, since it’s going to look pretty goofy on anything smaller.

Our biggest quibble with the Griffin 25 is that it comes without a user manual. That’s a big no-no for us! It’s not a beginner tank, and it definitely takes some time to figure out, even if you’re experienced.

Learning to wick is particularly tricky, so use the instructional videos on YouTube. Once you’ve mastered it, it’s no worse than any other RTA, but it’s not obvious when you first get the tank in front of you.

It’s tricky to get to 6ml if you don’t do the wicking properly, so it’s important to take the time to learn the process.

It doesn’t come with preinstalled/pre-wound coils.

2. AugVape Merlin

first mouth-to-lung rebuildable tank atomizer

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“one of our absolute favorite tanks for flavor.”

AugVape’s Merlin RTA is one of our absolute favorite tanks for flavor. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants something compact. We especially love it for single-coil builds. The flavor’s phenomenal, and it still provides a satisfying volume of vapor. Short of the premium Kayfun V5, it’s the best compact flavor-chaser on the market!


One of the most noticeable differences between the Merlin and the tanks we’ve looked at so far is that the Merlin is so nice and compact! It’s a 23mm tank, which is the smallest we recommend aside from the Kayfun. This is an idea RTA for single-battery/compact mods!

From top to bottom, the design is all about flavor. Between the innovative coil deck and focused airflow, you can get phenomenal results from this one! Your results will still depend on the specific coils and wicking you use, but we can attest to the fact that this is a superb flavor-chaser.

“this is a superb flavor-chaser”

Most of that’s down to the deck arrangement, which is slightly different from your average velocity deck. Instead of the usual center post arrangement, you have two side by side posts (1.8mm diameter). The coil then goes in the center, or stacked if you use two.

Not only is it very simple and easy (especially if you stick to single-coil builds), but it creates a single air channel to focus and concentrate flavor. That’s something you really notice when you use this! Having the coils at the center allows you to use larger diameters 4mm, too.

The central airflow is fed by dual ports at the bottom of the tank. They’re fairly standard RTA fare. You have adjustable settings via a twist collar.

The real difference here is that you can really throttle this thing down. You can set the wide-open limit yourself using an insert component. That lets you go between 2.5mm or 3.5mm for the rip position.

Having a 2.5mm wide-open setting is a nod to mouth-to-lung vape users, and it’s ideal for flavor-chasers who like to sip!

it’s ideal for flavor-chasers who like to sip!”

The Delrin drip tip caters to flavor-chasers, too! It has a narrower bore than our other picks (6mm).

There’s dual-channel flow control on the Merlin. It’s nicely executed, and easy to adjust on the go. The flow control seals off completely for travel/taking the tank apart.

The adjustments are all simple and intuitive. They work in essentially the same way as our other picks: three rings at the bottom of the tank twist to adjust flow, airflow, and 510 threading. The Merlin has a notched middle ring like the Griffin 25, which we like for grip as well as distinction.

It’s all very nicely-made, and we don’t have any complaints about machining or quality control on this one! It’s got an American-made PEEK insulator, copper 510 contact pin, and construction from stainless steel and glass.

We like the kit, too. It comes with a spare glass section, plus a pack of o-rings and screws.


This does have some adjustments, but it’s not super versatile. It’s definitely not for cloud-chasers, nor those who mainly use dual-coil decks. Only single and dual-coil designs work on this deck, although it gives you lots of room in the middle to maneuver.

The narrow drip tip also might not be for everyone.

As you’d expect from a smaller tank, this one has a lower juice capacity than our other picks.

It has a threaded top-fill setup, like the Griffin 25. You’ll have to unscrew the top of the assembly to refill.

3. VandyVape Kylin


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“tons of flavor and versatility”

VandyVape’s Kylin is our top RTA pick in the flavor department, unless you want to spend a heck of a lot more. For tons of flavor and versatility at a great value, the Kylin can’t be beat.

It’s an ideal midrange setup for folks who want intense, rich taste. We think it’s capable of noticeably more intense flavor than the Troll RTA, which we used to recommend in this slot. It’s also better than the popular GeekVape Ammit! Only the ultra-premium Kayfun cranks out better flavor.


It’s surprisingly roomy for its size. The Kylin has a 24mm base, which widens to 26mm in the tank section. We especially like its postless build deck. It has 3.5mm by 2mm terminals (4), with a very generous 6mm space between them. Side-mounted hex screws keep everything out of the way, and give you lots of space to play!

Single and dual coil builds of any kind are easy with this. It’s never going to feel cramped, so you can feel free to go wild with your coil designs. No spacing issues at all, it’s nice and roomy! That’s pretty impressive for something that’s on the small side of RTA’s.

It also has some really great airflow for a flavor RTA. There are quad air channels, two beneath the coils and two around the sides. The result is surprising volume, especially with dual coil builds. This isn’t a cloud-chucker like the TFV8, but it doesn’t skimp.

“has some really great airflow for a flavor RTA.”

The Kylin’s three-position airflow control ring is particularly well-executed, with nice clicks and integrated knurling. It’s a definite standout in the quality department. We especially love the grips on this one. Not only do they feel good, they look great too!

In addition to the roomy deck, the Kylin has big cutouts for wicking. They’re 10mm by 4mm. Overall, it’s both versatile enough to suit ambitious builders and user-friendly enough to be a first RTA.

There are two tank options included, right out of the box. As sold, it comes with a 2ml compact tank for “shorty” vaping. It’s nice and inconspicuous. There’s also an expandable tank capacity which allows for all-day vaping. That’s thanks to a chimney extension and extended glass section, giving it up to a 6ml capacity.

As with any good RTA, it has a juice flow control ring. Just twist the barrel to open or close the channels. What’s particularly impressive about the Kylin in the juice department is how leak-proof it is for something that doesn’t advertise itself as such.

It’s comfortable and practical at the business end. The Kylin has a removable top cap for easy filling, and it comes with three 810 drip tips plus an adaptor for 510 drip tip. The included 810’s are nice because they aren’t just bigger or smaller casts of the same bore size (like so many other RTA’s). Instead, they have 9.5mm, 10mm, and 11mm bore sizes respectively. By switching through them, you can adjust the look, feel, and experience of your vape!

Nothing to complain about with the drip tips, either. They’re all Delrin, and Goon drip tips also fit. An embedded o-ring inside the catch cup keeps things nice and snug.

It boasts extremely good build quality for the price. The whole thing is made mostly from 304 stainless steel and glass. Tolerances are nice and tight, with excellent threading throughout. The 510 contact pin and deck are both plated in 24K gold. And as you’d expect, there’s a PEEK insulator. At its price, we think it’s a steal.

It comes in lots of finish options.


It’s very branded, in a manner of speaking. There’s engraving on the top, logos on both sides inside the chamber, and the Kylin name emblazoned in big, Western-style font. The Kylin is definitely not for those who prefer not to advertise what they’re vaping.

You can’t fill it quite to the brim, or juice will come out the seam when you screw on the top cap. That’s because there’s no barrier between the tank and the top cap, unlike a lot of RTA’s.

Juice flow control isn’t as tight and refined as the airflow control, either. It’s a question of machining precision, though it’s at least as good as anything else for the price. The whole thing’s leak-proof, but it moves a little too quickly for our tastes.

If you’re planning on vaping all day, you’re going to need to stick with the extended mode. This thing goes through juice like crazy!

4. VandyVape Triple 28

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“for people who like to crank their mods higher”

VandyVape’s Triple 28 is our top RTA recommendation to the average vaper. It’s a powerhouse for both flavor and volume, even if it’s not the absolute best in either department. We think it encompasses an ideal RTA experience for those who aren’t solidly in one camp or the other. It’s built very well, priced quite reasonably, and big enough that you can do just about anything with it.


It’s a big atty. At a whopping 28mm, the Triple is actually the biggest RTA we recommend. Its side suits the format, of course. This is an atty designed for triple coil builds, with 6 terminals. This is a great choice for people who want a lot of vapor, and a lot of flavor. It delivers boatloads of both.

Since it’s so big, it’s very, very easy to build on. The six-post format makes it one of the most versatile out there, but it’s hard to mess up at the same time. We think it’s the best of the “behemoths” because it’s user-friendly but can go as far as ambitious builders might want to take it.

You can do practically any builds you like on this, but it really shines with big double and especially triple coils. Flavor and volume are both superb from the Triple. It chucks massive clouds, but they’re dense and full of rich taste. That’s why we think it’s a great all-around RTA  for the average vape user.

A big atty like this needs lots of airflow to stay cool. That’s where a lot of other big boys go wrong. Thankfully, the Triple has been well-planned in that department. It has 2 massive airflow channels (10mm by 4mm) to provide coverage over triple coils.

What’s particularly impressive is how the air behaves once it’s inside the Triple. The channels merge under the coils to form a big internal air channel. Combined with the domed chamber, that makes for extremely smooth airflow that you don’t normally see from something so large.

As with the VandyVape Kylin, everything’s very well-executed in the adjustment department. The airflow ring on this one has integrated knurling for grippiness, and the tension is perfect. It moves steadily, but doesn’t feel loose. It doesn’t have specific settings (which is actually better one something so versatile–you want as refined a control as you can get), but it still has nice stops either end. The juice flow control ring is equally good.

It’s an exemplar in the build quality department, despite being firmly in the middle of the price range. The Triple has perfect machining tolerances, like the Kylin. The threading taking it apart and putting it together is also immaculate.

While they look a bit small compared to the enormous deck, it still has nice big wicking channels. This one takes a bit more effort to finagle if you’re using double coil builds, but it’s a piece of cake with triples.

Compared to its smaller sibling, the Triple is slightly better at preventing any (even slight) overflows. Unlike the Kylin, it has a plate over the tank. It has nice big ports that let you use any dripper to fill. The point is, you don’t run into the sandwiching issues that can be annoying on the Kylin, since you’re not screwing anything directly on top of the juice.

As is common with most VandyVape offerings, you get a lot of mouthpiece options. The Triple has an Ultem 810 drip tip installed. It includes an extra black Delrin drip tip that’s nicely knurled, and all Goon tips should fit. You’ll get the standard 510 drip tip adaptor, too.

It’s every bit as good as the Kylin in the build quality department. That’s one area where the Triple is ahead of the competition. So many big tanks like this are over-engineered and poorly-executed. Not the Triple! It has a nice, snug o-ring inside the catch cup, and it’s made from 304 stainless steel and glass with 24K gold plating on the screws and pin.

You definitely have to be generous with your airflow settings to keep something like this cool, but it’s as safe as any big RTA. It has a PEEK insulator, and the pin is plenty prominent to use on a hybrid.

It comes with a 3-way tool, plus extra hex screws and seals.

You can get it in stainless and black. On the whole, we think it looks pretty good for something so huge!


It’s a guzzler. We know we just mentioned the Kylin blasting through juice, but the Triple is even more extreme. It burns through as much as the TFV8. It doesn’t have the greatest capacity, either. Plan on refilling through your day.

Unlike the Kylin, it only comes with one size option/mode: massive!

You can technically use it for single coils, but it’d be darn tricky to get enough cotton wicked to prevent leaking. We only suggest doing doubles and triples on this thing.

You have to start each tank with the wattage turned down, or it can give you some spit back. There’s a learning curve with that, to be sure.

5. SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast


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“an absolute monster when it comes to volume.”

Our top pick for the ambitious cloud-chaser is SMOK’s TFV8. Also known as the Cloud Beast, this RTA is an absolute monster when it comes to volume.

It’s super satisfying for anyone who craves massive hits. It’s also the ultimate power station for anyone who wants maximum ripping potential! Plus, the kit provides an excellent value.


When it comes to sheer vapor production, there’s no competition between this and the rest of the RTA market. Seriously–it cranks out the most vapor of any sub-ohm tank we’ve reviewed. The rest of the pack aren’t even close!

“the most vapor of any sub-ohm tank we’ve reviewed.”

Beyond the staggering amount of vapor you can get from this thing, it also impresses with the way it makes high wattages extremely enjoyable. You can take your box mod right up to the upper limit without burning yourself!

Since it’s designed for multi-coil builds, you can really crank up the wattage on this. We’ve found that you’ll use wattages you’d never even consider on other tanks! 100W on the octuple coil head, easily. Basically, it’s high-wattage volume without the aggressive heat!

“high-wattage volume without the aggressive heat!”

That brings us neatly to the Cloud Beast’s performance, which is truly impressive. It gives you massive hits, which is no surprise. What’s remarkable is how smooth the airflow and vapor consistency are! It doesn’t sacrifice flavor, either. So many other cloud-chaser tanks taste lame, and this thankfully bucks the trend.

This is a very versatile set, even though it’s definitely aimed at the cloud-chaser. It comes with several coil heads, which SMOK calls “hyper engines,” plus the rebuildable deck. We don’t even mind the “engine” marketing, since these things do look like sexy car parts!

You can easily swap between the coil heads and the rebuildable deck. They each screw into the base, and have airflow underneath with flow controls at either side. Swapping is as simple as unscrewing one and screwing in another.

Prebuilt coil heads are always more expensive than building your own, but these last a long time. You can always use the rebuildable deck, but to be perfectly honest, we could see a lot of users sticking with the premade coil heads. They’re that good!

The first is the octuple coil head we’ve already mentioned. It’s made up of stacked coils, 8 in total. Everything’s prebuilt and pre-wicked. You can essentially plug and play, which is super convenient for something so massive.

SMOK TFV8 CLOUD BEAST stacked coilsThis thing is an absolute monster, and it’s going to be a cloud-chaser’s new workhorse. The octuple head has 2 massive air slots, and much smoother airflow than the quad option. You can take it to 260W, which is insane by any measure. We don’t think there’s anything better for sheer volume!

“We don’t think there’s anything better for sheer volume!”

You get a whole other prebuilt head in the package. That’s a quad head which uses a vertical coil and has 12 smaller juice slots. While you’re mainly buying this tank for the octuple coil head, the quad option gives you a nice balance between impressive volume and clean flavor. It’s especially good when you throttle down the airflow.

smok cloud beast rebuildable deckOf course, it wouldn’t be an RDA without a rebuildable deck. Thankfully, the one in this kit is pretty great in its own right. It’s a roomy 18mm, which you’ll notice is actually the largest we recommend! That’s impressive given that this isn’t the biggest tank here.

The rebuildable tank has a dual Clapton coil preinstalled out of the box. It’s a standard dual-post, velocity deck. We have no complaints, even though it’s easy to get spoiled using the prebuilt components on this one. The rebuildable deck has generous juice wells either side, and wick tails feed in them.


“ close to the best capacity on the market.”

You can get a lot of juice in this tank, whichever coil head or deck you end up using. You’ll have room for 5.5ml at the very least! That’s close to the best capacity on the market.

It’s everything you want from a midrange tank in the build department. The Cloud Beast is all stainless steel and glass. All the parts are of excellent quality, especially for the price.

“it’s undeniably sexy.”

While a lot of people are going to look at this and think “overkill”, it’s undeniably sexy. Think of it as the vape equivalent of a muscle car! The Cloud Beast looks great on bigger box mods in particular. It comes in stainless and black finish options.

It’s topped off with a wide-bore Delrin drip tip that’s ideally suited to the massive volume the Cloud Beast produces. At its widest, the drip tip is a whopping 12mm. It’s tapered down to 8mm, though, so you’re not overwhelmed by the air flow.

This one is one of our favorites to refill. It has SMOK’s signature swivel top cap, just like the TF above! You don’t have to unscrew the whole top section. We like the internal gasket on this one, too. It gives you a nice fill slot and keeps things neat. You can also get an average dropper in there!

It comes with an excellent user manual, which is essential when you’re dealing with something this versatile.

It’s a very good value, considering that you get multiple coil heads, the rebuildable deck, plus an accessory kit! It comes with o-rings, a 510 drip tip adapter, an extra gasket and spare glass section. For something that doesn’t even approach a premium price, it’s a bargain.


We think it ought to go without saying that something with 8 coils is not for the faint of heart. Even using the rebuildable deck, this one’s only for people who are serious about vapor production at high wattages.

Between the size of the tank and the wattages it requires, this is definitely not for mini mods.

Replacing the prebuilt coil heads can get pricey, compared to building your own. Since they’re the stars of the show, that’s worth being aware of.

One quibble we have in the construction department: the threading isn’t the best in the base. Even though it does all fit together, it takes some time to catch.

There’s one design choice we’re not thrilled about. The airflow ring doesn’t have any catches/stops machined in, which makes the whole thing a bit trickier to take apart.

The quad coil head gets pretty loud when you throttle the airflow.

Both the quad and octuple coil heads go through liquid like crazy, and using high wattages will drain your batteries in a hurry.

It’s overkill for anyone who prefers lower wattages.

6. SvoeMesto Kayfun V5

Kayfun V5 RTA by SvoëMesto

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“the best of the best in an RTA!”

We don’t recommend many premium RTA’s, since we’ve found that paying more doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get better components or a smarter design. The one exception we make is for the Kayfun V5. It’s a single-coil RTA that’s absolutely stellar.

This all-German RTA is the epitome of great vaping equipment. It’s smartly-designed, immaculately put together, and extremely versatile. We recommend it to anyone who wants the best of the best in an RTA!


Getting right into performance, there’s absolutely no contest in the flavor department between the Kayfun and anything else on the market. It even beats the Serpent. If flavor is your aim, you can’t do better.

“If flavor is your aim, you can’t do better.”

This is definitely more of a flavor-chaser, but still cranks out a heck of a lot of volume for a 22mm tank! That’s something we appreciate over other flavor-chasers.

The Kayfun is a really interesting shape. It’s 22mm in diameter, but it’s over 60mm tall. So, the whole thing has a sleeker, longer profile than your average RTA. We like it a lot. It definitely stands out, without being awkward.

SvoëMesto 22mmThe 22mm size also fits nicely on any mod you want it to. It’s perfectly fine on a mini mod, and it doesn’t look too small on a dual-battery box either.

The 4ml juice capacity in the Kayfun is very impressive for the size, if not the largest capacity available. This is one of the few 22mm tanks that can get you through an entire day!

While it functions far and away better than other RTA’s, the real flagship feature here is the overall quality. This is engineered and built completely in Germany, and it shows! It’s 316L stainless steel with impeccable machining.

SvoëMesto partsBoth steel and quartz glass tanks are included, and these are both the highest-quality components you can get in their categories. There’s some lovely engraving on the steel one, and there’s the added benefit that steel won’t break when dropped!

The Kayfun supports practically any coil arrangement. We think it’s a pleasure to build on, plain and simple! That wasn’t true of the older Kayfun’s. This deck is by far the best 22mm category.

The best part are the hooks which keep your coils in place while you tighten them down. You’ll also find that the deck’s situated high enough that you don’t have to remove the collar to work. You can essentially drop coils in, then screw!

The tank is super easy to fill, too. You do have to unscrew the top, but it’s basically open-season under the cap. Nearly the entire gasket is fill ports! Every bottle you can think of will work well for refills.

We love the POM-inlay drip tip on this one. It’s another thing that stands out from the crowd, since it’s pretty short. It provides excellent insulation, and prevents spit-back.

We’re big fans of the airflow control ring on the new Kayfun. It gives you a huge range of adjustments and it’s a unique design you won’t find on tanks from other makers. Their control rings just spin around. This one slides up slightly, then spins. You pull the collar back down to lock into a setting.

SvoëMesto airflow control

There are a lot of advantages to this nifty setup. Not only does the sliding feature give you a lock when you’re using your mod, but when it’s raised, it has dotted markers inside the collar to tell you which setting you’re using.

Besides, the 4 settings on the airflow control leave you with plenty of options. We think mouth-to-lung and direct-lung folks can both find something they like.

You’ve got nice, tight flow control on this one, too. It has a twist-adjust system like most RTA’s. When it’s closed, it’s leak-proof!

For a high-end tank, it’s surprisingly user-friendly! It’s super easy to wick. In fact, this is as straightforward as the Serpent, and nearly as forgiving. You just feed cotton through the coil, trim ends, then pop the ends into the juice wells.


This tank is very, very expensive. It’s probably going to cost you over $100, even if you find a good deal. That’s several times the price of our other picks. With that said, you’re not likely to need another tank for a long, long time.

And while it’s the nature of the beast with RTA’s, the fact that there’s no warranty beyond 60 days on this is a bummer. It’s a pricy component, and it would be nice to see some longer insurance.

We think this is the best overall RTA on the market. It’s still not a great cloud-chaser, though. If you’re just interested in cloud production, the Cloud Beast is probably a better place to look.

If you use the stainless steel tank, you won’t be able to see your juice level.

It’s pretty tall, given how narrow it is. Make sure you visualize how this will look on your mod before you buy!


We’ve looked at a whole range of RTA’s in this guide, so let’s do a quick recap to help you with your decision! These are all the RTA’s we recommend, and what they bring to the table:

Geek Vape Griffin 25: lots of volume on a budget

AugVape Merlin: best tasting compact RTA if you’re on a budget

VandyVape Kylin: best flavor option under $100

VandyVape Triple 28: best for both flavor and volume, especially with triple builds

SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast: best volume on the market for high-wattage cloud-chasers

SvoeMesto Kayfun V5: best overall quality and performance, especially for flavor-chasers

Buying Guide

As you’ve seen, there’s a huge range of RTA options. Just in this guide, we’ve included models with a bunch of different diameters, build decks, and features. To help you figure out which is your ideal workhorse, we’ve put together this list of three things to think about:


First of all, you should get a handle on how large or small a tank you want to put on your mod. Generally, you don’t want anything wider than the box, though some people are comfortable going a bit larger.

Get your mod out, and have a tape measure handy. Think about what kind of diameter makes sense for you. Bear in mind that larger tanks usually have larger build decks, which make them easier to work on. They’ll also have more generous juice capacities.

You’ll find that the type of RTA is also related to the size: flavor-chasers are more compact, and cloud-chasers usually take up a lot more space.


As soon as you start looking at different RTA’s, you’ll realize that they typically fall into one of two categories: cloud-chasers or flavor-chasers. It’s all about what you want from your vape. If you’re all about massive clouds and maximum volume you want a cloud-chaser tank. If you don’t use high wattages, and are more concerned about flavor than sheer volume, get something more on a flavor-chaser line.

It’s also a good idea to think about the kinds of coils and configurations you want to use in your RTA. Do you want to keep it simple with single/dual coils, or are you looking to get ambitious with quads and beyond? Figuring that out up front will help you narrow down your options.


Finally, don’t forget to figure out your budget! RTA’s are just one component on your vape mod, so think of the bigger picture. Do you use a high-end mod? If so, you should complement it with a high-end tank! If you’re looking to save money, you can do very well for under $30. Even most midrange RTA’s won’t push you over the $50 mark. However, for a premium RTA, you could be looking at as much as $125.

*One other thing: whenever you’re buying vape components, you have to be careful to get the real thing! Knock-off’s are everywhere these days, so be sure to use our links to find products available from authorized retailers.

What’s Next

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