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Despite what the hipsters at your local vape shop will tell you, mods aren’t everything! In fact, these days the humble vape pen is better than ever before. For the vast majority of us in the vaping community, the compact size and convenient simplicity of a vape pen can’t be beat.

The tricky thing is finding a pen that doesn’t make you yearn for a mod. After all, the hipsters are certainly right that many vape pens are no better than cheap e-cigs!

To help you out, we here at Vape Supply Pro have put together a buying guide exclusively for vape pens! In it, we’ve compiled our recommendations for the best vape pens to use with e-liquid, dry herb, wax and concentrates. All our picks offer real vaping functionality at a low cost and small footprint!

Here’s a quick overview of some of our favorites:




v2 pro series
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V2 Pro Series 3XJUULVaporfi Pro 3
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Since there’s a huge range of vape pens on the market today, we’ve decided to split our recommendations into categories. We’ve sorted them by what they’ll vape. So, once you know whether you want to vape e-liquids, dry herb, wax or concentrates, you can skip to the matching category! We’ve also rounded up our favorite all-in-one’s at the bottom of the page, which you can use to vape all of the above.

Best Cig-a-like Vape Pen Reviews

1. Halo G6

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“vastly better than any e-cig”

Halo’s G6 is one of just two cig-a-like pens we recommend. It’s a more affordable choice than the JUUL, which takes top honors in this category. The Halo costs less up front, and it also has lower upkeep costs, since you can refill its blank cartridges yourself. The G6 is vastly better than any e-cig you can get at a convenience store, in terms of flavor, durability, and functionality.

We think it’s the best first vape pen for folks who can’t afford the JUUL, or simply don’t want something more expensive.


The most impressive aspect of the G6 is how great it is for the price. Sure, this is more expensive than your average e-cig, but it’s vastly cheaper than the JUUL and is the next best thing. This is the cheapest good pod system we’ve found.

“the cheapest good pod system we’ve found.”

There’s a big difference between one of these and your average convenience store e-cig:

First of all, this isn’t disposable. You’ll need to swap out your pods and charge your batteries, but you’ll still save loads of money over disposable e-cigs.

Secondly, and more importantly, the G6 simply gives you a more satisfying experience than any e-cig. It provides more vapor volume, and way better flavor. This one’s the only budget vape we’ve found that will actually satisfy most people enough to keep away from cigarettes!

“the only budget vape we’ve found that will actually satisfy most people”

There are two different 1ml cartomizers (or, cartridges) available. They’re all self-contained, so you just have to screw them onto a battery to get started. The filled cartridges are the most convenient, and work like any other pod system: when you use all the juice in one, you throw it out and screw on a new one.

The blank cartridges are an easy way to save yourself some money, especially over the long term. You can refill them from any Halo e-liquid (or really any other brand, though you may find that other brands’ liquids don’t vape so well. That’s true of anything with set, optimized temperature. This one’s made for the best results with Halo products, not necessarily for other makers).

Halo’s e-liquids are all made in the USA, unlike the gas station varieties! There are a few reasons that’s to your benefit. They offer better flavor, for one thing. These actually taste great enough that we wouldn’t consider using other juice in a G6. Plus, since they’re all made domestically, they’re also safer than the imported options from disposable brands.

We think these are some of the best juices on the market from a big vendor. Unless you’re going to get into smaller makers and more “artisan” varieties (and by that point, you’ll probably have a better vape), this is a great place to start!

There are lots of flavors and nicotine levels to choose from as well! There are certainly a lot more options than other cig-a-like brands offer. So, it’s easy to find something that suits your palate and gives you just enough nicotine to be satisfied.

The G6 comes in 5 color options, too.

It might not be much more expensive than the convenience store options, but it’s certainly built heavier! The G6 surprised us with its solid build. Is it as premium as the JUUL? No. But it’ll definitely handle knocks and bumps better than anything else for the price.

It comes with two batteries out of the box. We love having two, since you can keep a spare charged and get twice as much vaping time over the course of the day. They’re the same kind used in expensive V2 models. We think they give a nice balance of portability and power.

“a nice balance of portability and power.”

You can expect about 200 puffs per charge, and each can be recharged 300 times before it needs to be replaced. Both wall and USB chargers are included.

Even though it’s bare-bones, the G6 still has some key safety features: a 6-second cutoff for the battery, and a choice of automatic and manual batteries.


It’s not as good as the JUUL in a number of ways:

  • It produces less volume, and the vapor just isn’t as satisfying. We know that sounds subjective, but it’s a definite difference. The JUUL is simply a better experience, by a long shot.
  • The G6 charges more slowly and its battery doesn’t last quite as long.
  • Frankly, it’s less sexy than the JUUL, and the cylinders are also easier to lose.
  • There’s only a 60-day warranty on the batteries, whereas the JUUL is covered for a year.

So, on the whole, it probably won’t be your last vape. But it’s a good first if you’re trying to get off cigarettes, and don’t want to stoop to the Blu’s at the gas station. This is the best you can do without shelling out for the JUUL.

2. Juul

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“by far the best beginner vape we’ve reviewed”

The JUUL is considered by a lot of people to be an e-cigarette, like the Halo G6. We think in this case, the name really doesn’t fit. This is a pod vape, and in fact the best pod vape ever! There’s a difference: the G6 is basically a much-improved e-cig, while the JUUL pairs the size and convenience of an e-cig with the performance and pleasure of a true vape pen.

This is by far the best beginner vape we’ve reviewed, in any category. It’s simply a pleasure to use, and as satisfying as any but the best full-size options. And in any case, it’s certainly the most convenient setup on the market. Very few have won this kind of universal acclaim from reviewers. It’s definitely a game-changer in this category, and something that hasn’t even been approached yet by the competition!

We think the JUUL is perfect for a newcomer who wants the most satisfying vape experience possible without any bulk or hassle. It’s the most compact and convenient way to get a great vape, period! This is also perfect for experienced users who want the ultimate in convenience.


A lot of vaporizers are marketed as the “iPhone” of vapes when the manufacturer wants to brag about how convenient and “smart” they are. The JUUL is one of the very few that actually live up to the hype!

It’s all automatic, and there are actually no buttons anywhere on it. You just draw air, and it engages. There’s no lock, no on/off button, nothing. An indicator light shows you when it’s charging or vaping, but that’s the only extra feature.

“the JUUL is optimized and functional to the point that you won’t ever miss having tweaks or buttons to use.”

Unlike practically every other system that goes this route, the JUUL is optimized and functional to the point that you won’t ever miss having tweaks or buttons to use. It always engages, and it works perfectly with all the company’s juice options. We don’t have any complaints at all!

Just like Android users hate how little they can modify or adjust iPhones, some folks won’t like how optimized (or constrained, depending on how you look at it) the JUUL is. But if you’re a person who doesn’t want to play with settings or do any fiddling around before being able to vape, the JUUL is absolutely ideal. Much like the iPhone, it “just works!”

It’s not a completely blank device, though. You can tap anywhere twice to check battery life, and the single indicator light changes color to indicate your charge. We really like how much they’ve done with just the one light. It totally maximizes how sleek and inconspicuous the whole thing is!

Aside from its sleek design and convenient features, the JUUL is also the best performer in its category (pod systems). In fact, it rivals the best full-size, refillable vape pens! This thing delivers the biggest throat hit of any cig-a-like pen we’ve reviewed: more volume, and more nicotine.

“it rivals the best full-size, refillable vape pens!”

Having such a nice flavor profile, plus the 5% nicotine volume, makes for something really satisfying. The Halo G6 is a lot better than the average e-cig, but it may not be enough for some longtime smokers to totally ditch cravings for cigs. The JUUL definitely is!

You might be reluctant to spend this much, but if you know you’ll have trouble sticking with the vape, you’ll be glad you invested in this. Even cigarettes are a disappointment after this thing.

The juice selections, while not as varied as Halo’s, are all quite nice. You’ll obviously have your specific flavor preferences, but JUUL’s salt-based nicotine solution is more satisfying , and leaves very little residual smell.

The vape comes with a sampler set of 4 juice cartridges, which gives you a sense of the most popular JUUL options. They’ve added a few more choices since this thing came out, and you can always throw in an extra one or two if there’s something you know you’re interested in (we suggest the mango!).

“it makes switching to vaping pretty much effortless.”

JUUL also has a very convenient monthly subscription program. Combined with how easy the whole thing is to use, it makes switching to vaping pretty much effortless. You can figure out how many cartridges you’ll need, and get them delivered automatically. Sure, it’s pricier than filling your own, but the whole point of the JUUL is convenience. They’ve also got decent discounted rates through the subscription!

Overall, it looks and feels fantastic. Think of an extended pen drive, about 9cm long. The JUUL isn’t any bigger than that! It’s very, very light without feeling chintzy–an impressive balance to strike! This thing has by far the best build quality in this category. No leaks, no reliability issues, and a 1-year warranty make it a good long-term investment, too.

usb charge

Its magnetic USB charger is both fast and convenient. We like not having to take the pen apart to charge–something you have to do with the Halo. It takes just less than an hour to get charged.

While we recommend the Halo only as a starter option or budget choice the JUUL is something any vaper will enjoy. Whether or not you should stick with this or go for a pen depends what you’re after.

If you like to fiddle and tweak, or vape something besides juice, get a different pen. This doesn’t offer lots of customization, but you can’t beat it for convenience or classiness. If you like the optimized, constrained design, this is as nice a vape as you could want!


JUUL doesn’t have as many nicotine level choices as the Halo offers, nor as many flavors.

You can’t refill cartridges, either.

Between the higher initial price tag and the non-refillable pods, the JUUL is more expensive than the Halo. That’s both up front and over the long term. If you’re satisfied with the Halo experience, no need to spend more for this. If you find the G6 isn’t completely satisfying, this one will be!

There are some downsides to something this small, as convenient and well-designed as it may be. The most important: it doesn’t last as long as “full-size” pens. Both battery and cartridge have shorter lives, so if you’re a heavy vaper, that might be a reason to get something bigger.

Best Vape Pen for E-liquid Reviews

1.VaporFi Pro 3

colorful vape pens

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“a great first pen for people new to vaping, who want to skip over the cig-a-like options”

Our cheapest “true” pen recommendation is the VaporFi Pro 3. It’s priced about the same as the Halo G6 kit but offers some extra power, runtime, and volume. We think it’s a great first pen for people new to vaping, who want to skip over the cig-a-like options without spending a premium for something fancy.


There are lots of specific features we love on the Pro 3, and we’ll get to those in a second. More than any one design element, though, we appreciate the whole approach VaporFi has taken to making this: the Pro 3 keeps it simple rather than trying to do a lot and coming up short.

Basically, it’s exactly what an inexpensive vape should be! It doesn’t offer as many adjustments or extras as the premium models, but it does the essentials very button vape

The Pro 3 has just one button. There are actually no adjustments, and we consider that a good thing at this price! No extra features means no extras to go wrong and break on you. Cheap models with lots of features and extras usually don’t work well, and fall apart quickly. This one ditches the frills, and keeps the focus on sturdiness and simplicity.

“keeps the focus on sturdiness and simplicity.”

The biggest difference coming from something like the Halo or the JUUL to a pen like the VaporFi is the much longer battery life. Most people will get through a whole day on one charge with this, whereas you’d have to recharge the cig-a-like options at least once. That’s simply a benefit of the VaporFi’s larger build!

“intuitive and satisfying to cigarette smokers.”

Like the JUUL and Halo, the VaporFi is intuitive and satisfying to cigarette smokers. It’s designed for mouth-to-lung draws, and you don’t have to make any tweaks to get it there. You just breath the same way you would with a cigarette. More expensive pens can be more complicated to use. This one’s easy to migrate to!

vaporfi battery

As well as the all-day battery life, there’s a big tank that gives you a heck of a lot more e-liquid than you’d get in a JUUL or Halo cartridge! It’s a user-friendly, top-fill tank design that holds about 2.5 ml. It’s not the biggest on the market, but that’s already far beyond what you get with pod systems like the Halo or JUUL.

All-day e-liquid capacity means you don’t have to carry a bottle around with you, or extra pods as you’d need with the Halo or JUUL. And, of course, it’s refillable! You’ll save lots of money buying e-liquid in larger bottles rather than disposable pods. Plus, it creates less waste.

The VaporFi’s atomizer is simple but good. It offers decent volume, more than the pod systems above, if not as much as more expensive pens. There’s impressive flavor from this one too! It’s not quite as optimized as the JUUL, but definitely better than the Halo!

vaporfi atomizerA lot of budget pens look cheap up front, but are pricey to maintain with replacement atomizers. That’s not true of the Pro 3! It’s cheap to replace, just a few dollars/atomizer.

Industry-standard 510 threads make it compatible with most standard accessories, too. That’s convenient should you wish to customize further down the line.

“the cheapest pen we’ve found which has good build quality.”

On the whole, it’s the cheapest pen we’ve found which has good build quality. Unlike so many inexpensive pens we’ve reviewed, this thing is put together thoughtfully, and easy for the user to keep shipshape. It has solid O-rings at all the seams, and you shouldn’t have any issues with leaks!

vf pro colors

The VaporFi comes in lots of fun colors, so it’s much easier to personalize than other cheap vapes. We love that you can also pair different batteries and atomizers to make funky combos! You can actually combine different colors right at the checkout, and of course it’s easy to switch colors whenever you buy replacement atomizers.vf pro charging port

While many vape pens these days have proprietary charging, this one uses a standard USB charger. Another key difference between this and other budget options: the pass-through design lets you vape as you charge!

charger for vaporfiThere are certainly cheaper pens on the market, but this is the most affordable we’ve found which works well and is safe to use. Unlike generic imported models or knock-off’s, it’s safe and up to all the US electrical ratings. It has overheating protection and over-discharge protection built in, as well as resilient pyrex glass in the atomizers.

As with Halo’s kits, VaporFi is a great place to go if you like variety. They have lots of juice options for flavor and nicotine levels, so it’s easy to find your ideal dosage/vape experience.

“a great place to go if you like variety.”

Probably the best part of this one isn’t the pen itself: it’s the 30-day money-back guarantee! Even though this is a relatively cheap vape pen, it’s still a lot of money to drop when you don’t know whether it’ll be the right one for you. VaporFi’s guarantee takes the stress out of trying it, since you can easily get a refund if you decide you want something different.


The VaporFi atomizers are good, but they don’t last as long as those on more expensive pens. You’ll have to swap them at least once a week. Thankfully, they’re pretty cheap. And in any case, it’s cheaper than buying cigarettes!

The battery life on this is better than others for the price. With that said, it may only last half a day if you’re a heavy user. That’s where the pass-through charging comes in handy. If you know you’ll need lots of puffs, just plan to bring the USB cable with you. For those who won’t have a handy charging solution during the day, a more expensive pen or mod might be in order.

The only real gripe we have with the build quality is the mouthpiece. The attachment isn’t the most secure, so you have to be a bit careful with how you store/carry it.

While we like the VaporFi’s simplicity, the fact that there aren’t many adjustments does set this down a notch from our pricier picks. For instance, you have to figure out the right fill level to prevent sputtering, and sputtering can definitely be an issue if you’re not used to the airflow on this one.

Likewise, the refillable tank does mean you can use any juice you want, but the lack of adjustments means that this won’t necessarily work perfectly with third-party products. If you want to use third-party juice, we usually suggest doing so with a pen or mod that gives you more tweaks to make sure the vape is exactly what you want.

It’s worth taking some time to get used to, but if you don’t end up liking it, be aware nicer options have different airflow settings, and more room for tweaking the experience!

Like most inexpensive vape pens, there’s no warranty beyond the satisfaction period.

It’s not as seamless or sleek as the JUUL.

2. Halo Tracer Twist

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“the most battery and tank capacity in a vape pen format!”

Halo’s Tracer Twist is technically considered a mod, since it has adjustable output and airflow. On the other hand, it’s so compact and sleek that we think it belongs in the pen category. This isn’t our top quality pick overall, but it does take the prize for the most battery and tank capacity in a vape pen format!

The Tracer Twist is a great choice for the heavy vape who wants to have ample volume all day long. And while it’s not as sleek or snazzy as the V2 below, we think it’s the best vape pen for people who want control and options.

*We also love Halo’s juice selections–they make everything in the US, and there are lots of flavor and nicotine choices for you to try.


A lot of people consider this a mod, because of how powerful and adjustable it is. We think it’s still very reasonable for a vape pen, though! What’s most impressive is that it’s so sleek for its output and versatility! This is the best choice we’ve found for heavy vapers who want maximum capacity over the course of a day.

We especially appreciate a larger pen that feels this good in hand! The Tracer Twist is definitely on the heftier side, but it feels sleek and you never feel like you’re holding something bulky or awkward.

The “Twist” part of the name comes from the primary adjustment mechanism. This Halo pen has variable output from 5-30W. You scroll through the range using a twist adjustment piece at the bottom of the pen. It’s super simple and intuitive. The ease of use and accuracy of the settings are a key reason we’ve chosen this over other midrange pens!

You can adjust both airflow and output on the Halo. Output is via the twist section at the bottom, and airflow is adjustable on the vents. That’s mod-level versatility in a pen format!

halo twist section

Having adjustable airflow and output makes the Halo much more versatile than the VaporFi! You can use whatever juice you want, and you don’t have to worry about using a pen that’s optimized for a specific brand’s liquid blends. This one’s easy to cater to the specific characteristics of the juices you use, as well as your own preferences.

As opposed to mods, which can quickly become overwhelming, this is a pretty easy pen to navigate. It’s reasonable for beginners who know they’ll be heavy puffers, and the 15-second battery cutoff keeps you safe regardless of the wattage you choose.

The Tracer Twist’s big advantage, after the adjustments, is the edge it has in volume and power. It has a larger tank and battery set than our other picks, even the V2 that’s our top recommendation!

Tracer 3.5 ml tankIts 3.5ml tank adds a solid third more capacity than the VaporFi, and has an edge over our top pick from V2, as well! Combined with the 2,300 mAh battery, this thing can give you true all-day performance, even if you vape quite a lot. While it’s a stretch to get most pens to last all day for heavy users, this one should be no trouble to get to last!

tracer v2 batteryThis is also a sub-ohm resistance pen, which allows you to use VG (high volume) as well as PG (usually taste-oriented) liquid blends. So, you can chase clouds as well as savor flavors! Since you can adjust both the airflow and output, you can cater to all your juice selections. It’s a lot more versatile than the VaporFi and other comparable pens!

So, how’s the performance? In a word: big! This thing is ideal for extra volume, without compromising on flavor. It puffs out thick clouds with lots of flavor, and it’s very easy to cater to different tastes and blends. It’s all down to the precise controls, as well as the atomizer quality (single coil wrapped in organic cotton)

“very easy to cater to different tastes and blends.”

The Tracer Twist is very well-made, like the VaporFi. The body is 304 stainless steel, with borosilicate glass for the atomizer tank. The whole thing is very rugged in hand, and we haven’t run into any durability issues at all. The overall quality is deceptive, given how inexpensive it is!

Like the VaporFi, the Halo has USB charging with pass-through. It’s available in a range of colors, and has excellent reliability.

“surprisingly cheap for how powerful and versatile it is!”

Best of all, the Halo is surprisingly cheap for how powerful and versatile it is! It’s more affordable than the V2 in our top pen slot, despite the fact that it’s a larger-capacity pen.


The only complaint we have in the durability department is with the Halo’s finish. The overall construction is great, but in our experience, this kind paint won’t last forever. You should still get quite a long use out of it before that’s an issue, though!

As with so many, you can’t fill quite to the line unless you want to chance leaks. This one’s mostly leak-free, but we’d suggest filling a bit on the conservative side.

The atomizer coils don’t always last consistently. They’re a bit finicky, so you’ll find that some last longer than others, even when your vaping habits haven’t changed.

3. V2 XEO Void

silver powerful vaporizer

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“our top pen recommendation to the typical vaper.”

V2’s new XEO Void is a shoo-in for our top quality recommendation in the e-liquid pen category! This thing is seriously fantastic. It out-classes the competition at and beyond its price point, and we think it’s by far the best pen to hit the market in the past few years.

The XEO Void provides satisfying hits with a perfect balance of volume and flavor. It has dual atomizers to get exactly what you want: versatility without the hassle of making adjustments! It’s our top pen recommendation to the typical vaper. It’s also the only full-size pen which we think compares to (and edges out) the JUUL! You’re not going to get better results without investing in a mod, and no mod is this sleek.


This is a sexy, sleek vape pen! The XEO Void is hands-down the best-looking pen since the JUUL, and it’s definitely the sports car of the full-size category. While it gives you much greater capacity than something like the JUUL, it fits more easily in a pocket than the Halo and stays still on a flat surface, thanks to the slight angles.

“hands-down the best-looking pen since the JUUL”

Between the compact footprint and the many clever tweaks, the Void’s design is superb. We’re usually suspicious of things marketed as “German design” when they’re not from German companies. This bucks the trend! For instance, its spiral drip tip prevents sputtering and spit-back, and we haven’t encountered either–at all!

Despite the fact that it doesn’t have any controls or adjustments, it manages to be nearly as versatile as the Halo. The XEO Void isn’t technically adjustable by the user, but the internal circuitry automatically adjusts to the two included atomizer types. It’s a clever way to optimize for different kinds of e-liquid, without you having to do anything besides load the atomizer.

The first atomizer is a standard 1.0 ohm, which is what you want for PG flavor blend e-liquid. The second is a sub-ohm model, rated at 0.6 ohm. The sub-ohm atomizer is all about cloud chasing! It gives you as much volume as many twice the price.

What’s really clever about this setup is that the battery output adjusts automatically to match the atomizer, so all you have to do is fit the one you want and fill with an appropriate juice. You can’t get quite the same finesse as a mod-style setup, but you get as close as any other pen to the Halo!

We actually prefer this in most cases, because it’s more seamless to use. You don’t have to fiddle with settings, or keep track of which settings worked best for which juices. Like the JUUL above, the XEO Void does practically everything for you.

“the XEO Void does practically everything for you.”

We think the results speak for themselves: superb flavor from both atomizers, and the volume is impressive, too! We especially like that each atomizer is slightly compensated. So, the sub-ohm makes for better flavor than other sub-ohm atomizers, and the flavor atomizer also puts out a bit more volume than your average ohm cap!

The Void has a 2 ml tank, which is right in the middle of the pack. It’s a reasonable capacity for a vape pen, without making for too big a footprint. This one’s much easier to carry around and keep inconspicuous than the Halo, but it will still get most folks through the day without needing a refill.

Refills are another spot where the Void’s sophisticated design really shows its worth! This cap design makes it very easy to fill, and you don’t have to use a needle-tip to do it neatly.

Likewise, the battery is a midsize 1500 mAh component. It’s our ideal balance of portability and power. We’ve found that the efficient design on the Void means that it ought to last the average person more than a full day, and even heavier users shouldn’t have much to complain about. In any case, the Void has pass-through USB charging, so you can vape as you recharge.

That might seem like something to expect as standard these days, but you’d be surprised how many other high-end vape pens don’t use standard hookups!

“superb fit and finish.”

While the XEO Void definitely stands out in the performance department, we can’t help but rave about its superb fit and finish. Sure, you want performance first and foremost, but with something that you use all day every day, fit and finish is super important. This one’s a standout!

The XEO Void comes in a few different finish options, all polished metal: black, silver, gunmetal. They all look dressed to impress, and the buff on the finish is superb. Not crappy paint here! It’s all real metal, too.

“the Void’s look and feel are as good as it gets in a pen.”

Overall, the Void’s look and feel are as good as it gets in a pen. The metal casing adds a lot of class, and the inconspicuous lights keep you informed without being gaudy. We especially like that the Void illuminates the tank after a vape, so you know how much juice you have left!

One thing that really impressed us: the Void is surprisingly lightweight for something that’s basically solid metal and glass. It doesn’t feel cheap to hold, but it’s like an iPhone in that it’s so solid but sleek.

We don’t have any complaints about construction quality or durability, either. We haven’t run into a single leak with the Void, and its tight seals fit seamlessly every time.

Best of all, V2 offers a lifetime warranty on this one! It’s a very safe long-term investment.


There’s no getting around the fact that this is a midsize battery, even though it’s efficient. Likewise on the tank. There are definitely some sacrifices to be made for the compact footprint, so if you want something with higher capacity, look at the Halo.

The automatic output adjustments/swappable atomizers work well for versatility, but they can’t get quite as specific as the Halo’s adjustment features. If you want more control, look at the Tracer Twist or a mod (in our guide to the best Box Mods)!

It’s quite inexpensive compared to a mod, but it’s twice as expensive as the VaporFi. This one’s probably not something you’d buy as a first vape pen, but it could well be your last!

Best Vape Pen for Wax and Concentrate Reviews

1. KandyPens K-Stick

discreet pen vaporizer

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“our go-to recommendation for folks who want to vape wax on a budget!”

KandyPens’ K-Stick is our go-to recommendation for folks who want to vape wax on a budget! It’s cheap, but it’s simple and effective. This is a super user-friendly choice, which is why we also suggest it to people who are new to vaping. We don’t think you’ll find anything better without spending twice as much for the Dr. Dabber Ghost.

*K-Stick’s are very popular, and knock-off’s are pretty common. Be sure to use the thinks in our review, so you end up with the real thing!


It’s compact! So many wax vape pens are bulky and awkward to carry around all day. The K-Stick fits anywhere you need it to, and it doesn’t have any bulk at all. You’d never know this was a wax pen, since it’s smaller than most juice pens too!

“You’d never know this was a wax pen”

At 5” long, this is definitely on the smaller end of the spectrum. We like it because the sleek design is inconspicuous. You can vape your wax concentrates without advertising it to the whole world.

kanypens black pen vaporizerIt’s affordable. Most vape pens that work for wax cost a lot more than you’d pay for something similar to use with juice. The K-Stick costs about the same as an entry-level e-liquid pen!

It works well, even if it’s not as sophisticated or powerful as our other picks. It has a ceramic-lined chamber inside the atomizer, and heats in 5 seconds.You only need to press one button to get cooking, and the battery shuts off automatically to keep you safe and prevent burning.

“way more satisfying than any other budget pen we’ve used for wax!”

As for the hits, we think you’ll be very impressed for the price. You don’t get the sheer density of flavor and volume of vapor that you would from something larger, but it’s way more satisfying than any other budget pen we’ve used for wax!

The K-Stick is pretty basic, but it includes all the key features you’ll find on more expensive options. It locks with 5 clicks on the button, and there’s standardized 510 threading holding everything together. USB charging is also included, which isn’t typical for this price!

“includes all the key features you’ll find on more expensive options.”

The K-Stick’s funnel atomizer design prevents leaks when you’re moving about, which is a key flaw on most other cheap wax pens.

kandypens k stick insideIt includes a dabber tool to help you fill up. That might not sound like something which you’d consider an extra, but it’s not always included on the budget options.

Most importantly, the K-Stick is a much better investment than other inexpensive wax pens. It’s got a great track record for reliability. It’s also covered by a lifetime warranty, which is pretty darn solid for one of the cheapest wax pens on the market!


There’s a key downside to having something this compact: battery life is on the shorter side. If you dab and vape quite a lot through your day, you may need to charge up midway. This probably isn’t the most practical choice for heavy users.

While durable, it’s a bit cheaply-made. It definitely doesn’t have a premium feel to it.

There are no adjustments or settings on this one. You can’t control the temperature in the chamber, and you can’t tweak the airflow. If you want more control, you’ll need to spend more money.

You can get better, more consistent hits from pricier options. The K-Stick is great for what it costs, but it can’t really compare to a premium Dr. Dabber.

2. Dr. Dabber Ghost

dabber ghost set

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“a good midrange choice”

Dr. Dabber’s Ghost pen is probably the most popular wax product on the market. It’s actually at the lower end of their range, but we like to think of it as an upgraded take on the K-Stick. The Ghost has a similarly compact design, but has more precise heating, better design elements, and more consistent hit production.

We think it’s a good midrange choice for those who want to skip over the budget range, without spending a premium for the Aurora below.


This is all a matter of personal taste, but we think the Ghost has a slightly better tip design than the K-Stick. It’s shaped nicely, and doesn’t leak at all when you’re on the go.

dr dabber topThere are also more options when you work with this one. It’s offered with both ceramic and glass atomizers, so you can choose whichever you prefer. We don’t find that there’s a huge taste difference between the two.

We generally found that the ceramics were more practical, but the glass atomizer is obviously more exciting to look at! The Ghost comes with both in the package, so you can figure out which will be your go-to.

dr dabber openBoth types of Ghost atomizer are higher-quality than the atomizers which come with the K-Stick. Inside, titanium coils help reduce heat and maximize flavor. Titanium also has excellent longevity, so you’ll get a longer runtime from these than from K-Stick atomizers.

The Ghost is compact, but it is slightly larger than the K-Stick. That means more capacity, especially in the lithium ion battery. Nobody should have any trouble getting through a whole day with this one! It’s a slightly more practical compact option for the frequent user.

“Nobody should have any trouble getting through a whole day with this one!”

The biggest difference between the Ghost and the K-Stick is under the hood. The Ghost has more consistent temperature in the atomizer chamber. It also uses a slower rise to get there, which prevents the burnt taste which can happen often with other wax pens.

The result is better hit quality than the K-Stick, and more consistent results. While the K-Stick is a solid performer, we found that it could be a bit hit or miss. This one gives you the same hit every time.

“gives you the same hit every time.”

Apart from the internal differences, a lot stays the same between the KandyPens K-Stick and the Dr. Dabber Ghost. The Ghost has the same one-button operation, locking feature, and threading. It’s made just as well, and the atomizers are noticeably better.

While this is a lot pricier than the K-Stick for something with roughly the same functions, it comes with lots of accessories. They make the price tag a lot easier to stomach! You get two ceramic atomizers, one glass globe atomizer, a storage ball for wax, plus a loading tool and charger. This one also comes with really helpful instructions–more than the KandyPen provides.


We don’t have any reliability/durability issues to report with this one, but we were disappointed to find that it’s covered by only a 1-year warranty. That’s pretty short for something this expensive, especially given that the K-Stick is backed by such an excellent policy.

If you’re using high-quality wax, you’ll definitely find that the hits you get from a Ghost are more consistently good than from the K-Stick. Still, this pen doesn’t offer a huge amount more than the K-Stick.

There are still no settings, and no extra controls. It’s just more consistent and better-designed–more like a better version of the same format than something significantly better. If you want more controls and amenities, invest in the Dr. Dabber Aurora below!

It costs twice as much as the K-Stick, too.

The Ghost’s USB charging is convenient, but this isn’t a standard micro USB. So, if you need to replace the charger, you won’t be able to just swap a standard cable.

3. Dr. Dabber Aurora


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“well-made, well-designed, and easy to adjust”

Dr. Dabber’s Aurora is the absolute best vape pen we’ve found for waxes and concentrates. It’s premium in every sense of the word! The Aurora is well-made, well-designed, and easy to adjust for any wax or concentrate you could want to vape in it.

There’s a good reason this is the High Times award-winner in the kit category! While it’s overkill for casual users, it’s the ultimate for a perfectionist or a more discerning vaper.


The biggest advantage the Aurora offers is versatility. This thing allows for a degree of finesse you can’t get on any other wax pen. There are three heat settings plus three atomizers to choose from. So, that’s 9 different options for any wax/concentrate you want to vape!

“finesse you can’t get on any other wax pen.”

Having this much control means you can get exactly the vape you want from each of your waxes/concentrates. You can choose the atomizer that suits what you’re vaping, then find the temperature that tastes and feels best to you! The guide is very helpful for figuring out how to choose.

The atomizers are:

  • dual quartz rod with quartz dish, for lower-viscosity oils
  • dual ceramic rod with quartz dish: for waxier oils
  • ceramic halo heater with quartz dish: for higher-viscosity oils

dabber low heat titanium coilAll of them are low-heat with titanium coils, much like the ones that come with the Ghost. In our experience, they never burn anything you put in them, even when you’re using the higher settings!

“ups the game with the best mouthpiece we’ve found to date on a wax pen!”

At the business end, the Aurora ups the game with the best mouthpiece we’ve found to date on a wax pen! This is a premium ceramic mouthpiece, with redesigned air channels that result in a sort of shotgun flow. It works extremely well, and gives you a nice fat hit without any sputters or other unpleasantness.

dabber leak proof magnetEverything’s put together with a unique set of leak-proof magnetic connections. There’s no threading on this one aside from the twist-tight mouthpiece. They work very snappily, and we haven’t run into any issues with the pen coming apart during travel.

This is no larger than our other picks, despite the fact that it has more controls onboard. It’s sleek, streamlined, and very compact. You can easily fit it in your pocket, or in a bag.

dabber Aurora’s matte black finishThe Aurora’s matte black finish looks stellar, and is classy without showing off. It blends in well with other vape pens, without any of the bulk or awkwardness usually associated with wax pens.

As with our other recommendations, the Aurora is equipped with USB charging. This one comes with its own deluxe charger which doubles as a stand. You can dock the atomizer/mouthpiece end of the pen while the battery is charging!

Everything’s made extremely well, from the ceramic mouthpiece to the metal casing. You won’t find better fit and finish on a wax pen!


As with the Dr. Dabber Ghost, the Aurora has only a 1-year warranty. That’s especially disappointing given the high price tag on this thing. Thankfully, it has a pretty spotless track record for the long term.

It’s pricey. This is several times the price of the K-Stick, and nearly twice as expensive as the Ghost. Most people don’t need something like this. It’s for high-end users and folks who are picky about finding just the right setting for their waxes/concentrates.

The Dr. Dabber charging dock is nice, but it’s still a non-standard USB charger. It’s not a pass-through design, and it requires you to basically dock the battery, then stand up the other half of the pen next to it. It’s not the end of the world. Still, we’d love to see a pass-through version of this in the future!

Since it’s not much larger than our other recommendations, it’s no surprise that the Aurora doesn’t have a significantly longer battery than our other picks.

Best Dry Herb Vape Pen Reviews

1. MigVapor Herb e Micro

world's smallest vape pen

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“our top recommendation to folks who are looking to vape herb on a budget.”

MigVapor’s Herb e Micro is our favorite newcomer to the market! It’s our top recommendation to folks who are looking to vape herb on a budget. The Herb e Micro would be a good choice for light puffers, too. As long as you don’t need something with a larger capacity, there’s no reason to spend more! We also suggest it as a secondary travel/social vape pen for those who have something more powerful which isn’t so convenient or discreet.

The Micro is both small and discreet, and is close to perfect for what it is! Look no further for an excellent compact dry herb vape pen.


This is by far the smallest dry herb vape pen on the market these days. It couldn’t be more discreet. That’s a key reason why the Micro is so much better than your average dry herb vape pen in this department! Sure, it’s easier to carry around and excellent for travel, but more than anything else it’s subtle.

“It couldn’t be more discreet.”

It still packs power, though! The Micro has a 1200 mAh battery, which can give you about 10 uses before needing a recharge (depending on the setting you use).

That’s enough for many light users to get through a day. Or, you can use this as a short-term pen when you’re out on the town for a night or going somewhere a more conspicuous dry herb pen wouldn’t fly.

It uses a micro USB for charging, just like our larger picks.

Like any good inexpensive vape pen, the Micro has simple, straightforward functions. It doesn’t try to do everything, and everything that it does do it does well!

You’ll have the familiar 5-click on and off, and holding the same button for 5 seconds switches between modes. A 2.5 min shutoff timer keeps you safe after you’re done using the Micro.

herb e red eye yellow eyeThis pen offers two different hits. Yellow eye is more relaxed (400 degrees in the chamber), and red eye is intense (430 degrees in the chamber). We haven’t found any issues with the Micro getting up to temp on either, so there’s nothing to complain about in the power department!

“you’d never expect this kind of performance from something so small!”

Both settings are excellent, and you’d never expect this kind of performance from something so small! While they’re a bit more limiting than the range of temperatures you can choose on more expensive pens, they give most people as many options as will actually get used. The chamber has convection heating, too–just like pricier pens.

One complaint we’ve had with a lot of compact vape pens is light build quality. So many of them are chintzy and delicate. Not this one! It’s got nearly all metal construction, using aerospace grade aluminum and carbon around the outside. You don’t have to worry about this one holding up!

It’s easy to clean, too. The mouthpiece clicks off, and alcohol wipes are all you need for the outside. Pipe cleaners take care of the inside.

MigVapor, which actually makes all our dry herb pen recommendations, has a tiered warranty on this one: there’s a 30-day satisfaction period, a 90-day warranty, plus a further period where replacements are discounted. So, you’re totally covered for 90 days, after which you can get a $25 replacement unit for a year. You shouldn’t need one, though–this thing is a tiny tank!


There aren’t as many adjustments and temperature settings on this as on full-size models like our other recommendations. If you’re an absolute perfectionist who wants to tweak everything yourself, the Micro may not be for you.

The only significant downside to this (which is the flip side of its biggest strength) is the small size. It limits the battery life, as well as the chamber size. Don’t get this as a primary dry herb pen if you’re a heavy user. It’s better for lighter users, or as a travel option/second vape for heavier users.

2. MigVapor Torpedo

Torpedo Dry Herb Vaporizer

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“ideal for heavy vapers.”

MigVapor’s Torpedo is our midrange choice in the dry herb category. It’s the bulkiest vape pen of the three, but you’ll find that it offers lots of value for your money! The Torpedo has an oversized tank and battery combo which make it ideal for heavy vapers. Even the most demanding users should be able to get an entire day from this one. Plus, it offers some extra finesse over the Micro.

We think it’s the best under $100!


Where the Micro has just two “hit” settings, the Torpedo has 3 different temperature options. That makes it 1/3 easier to find the perfect hit for your herb and taste! This one’s a nice balance between the Micro and the super-versatile DRAY.

“a nice balance between the Micro and the super-versatile DRAY.”

It also has a much bigger battery than the Micro. The Torpedo actually has the biggest battery of the three, at 2200mAh. That’s ample power for all-day vaping, even if you take hits often. Like the Micro, its battery is USB-charged.

torpedo jumbo size batteryThe Torpedo has a bigger chamber as well as a jumbo-sized battery. At 1.7ml, this thing can pack a lot of herb! As with the battery, the extra space in the tank make this more practical for heavier vape users than our other picks.

As you’d expect from something made by the same brand, the Torpedo has comparable performance to the Micro. It’s not as recent, so you might expect it to suffer a bit, but having that extra heat choice makes it pretty easy to optimize to most herb. There’s no burning, and you get a nice smooth hit, with more volume than the Micro can crank out.

“you get a nice smooth hit, with more volume than the Micro can crank out.”

This is the biggest vape pen we’ve recommended for dry herb, but it’s still relatively small. This is hardly the largest on the market! While we don’t think it wins any prizes for unobtrusiveness, it’s not awkward to use or carry. That’s impressive given its capacity!

Like the Micro, the Torpedo has a simple, user-friendly design. It actually uses the same 1-button control system, even though there are more features. We think it’s pretty easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. The user manual with the Torpedo is thorough and helpful as well.

torpedo mesh filtertorpedo meshThis one’s equally easy to clean. The replaceable mesh filters (5 in the box) make emptying the chamber a cinch. You’ll barely need the cleaning brush! In case you do, it comes with a cleaning brush made specifically to fit the chamber.

Silicone mouthpiece covers also keep things sanitary–especially if you share your vape pen. Long and standard mouthpiece covers are both included. We like having the options, especially when sharing.

Coming from the Micro, the Torpedo adds an an extra color option (red or black). Both look good, though the decals make them a bit less sleek than the Micro or the DRAY.

The Torpedo is covered by the same tiered warranty policy as the Micro: a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 90-day warranty. The discounted replacements don’t apply to this model, as far as we know.


The Torpedo earns a lot of points for its volume, capacity, and value. This might sound like a minor grudge, but we don’t think it looks as good as the Micro or DRAY. That’s a larger downside for something as personal as your vape pen. Be sure you like the look of the Torpedo before you buy it.

The Torpedo gives you an extra heat setting over the Micro, but there’s not nearly as much room for adjustment as the DRAY provides. If you’re a pickier user, or simply want the best versatility, go for the DRAY!

The DRAY also makes adjustments much easier than the Torpedo, since it has a display.

This one is the bulkiest of the bunch. It’s still manageable and packs relatively easily, but it’s much less unobtrusive than our other recommendations. If you’re looking for subtlety or for a pocket-friendly vape pen, this one won’t be for you.

3. Mig Vapor DRAY

Mig Vapor DRAY

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“the ideal dry herb vape pen for any passionate user.”

The MigVapor DRAY is one of the more recent pens on the dry herb market. In many ways, it’s a revised Matrix, which has been the company’s most popular offering for a few years. We always liked the Matrix, but it definitely had some room for improvements.

The DRAY addresses most of our complaints, in a snazzy new package that we’ve rated our top quality pick! We think this is the ideal dry herb vape pen for any passionate user. It has a nice balance of portability and power, and the temperature control is insanely good. You can get exactly the hit you want, no matter what herb you’re using!


The DRAY is a midsize pen which fits neatly between the Micro and the Torpedo. It has the sleekness of the Micro, with a bit more capacity. It’s the best balance we’ve found so far between discretion and day-long performance! The DRAY fits comfortably in hand and in pocket.

“It’s the best balance we’ve found so far between discretion and day-long performance!”

Both the quartz heating chamber and the lithium ion battery are sized right in between the Micro and Torpedo. So, more people can get a full day of usage from this, without adding as much bulk as the big Torpedo.

We think this one ought to last most users the entire day, even if you take a fair amount of hits. Heavier users may need a refill, but this is the first compact dry herb pen which can really last the majority of us all day.

The DRAY’s sleek, space-efficient design is impressive by itself, but we all know looks and feels don’t mean anything without performance! Luckily, the DRAY doesn’t disappoint in that department, either.

The biggest advantage this has over other dry herb vape pens we’ve reviewed is its versatility. You can adjust the heat to suit absolutely any herb or flower. The chamber adjusts by 1-degree increments between 385-430 degrees F.

mig vapor dray temperature controlBeing able to dial-in the temperature that precisely means you can get a “perfect” hit on any herb. That’s true of any user, too. After all, the quality of a dry herb vape is totally subjective, since everyone uses different herb and likes their kush a bit different. The DRAY is the first dry herb pen we’ve reviewed that we think everyone will love. It’s that versatile!

“ the first dry herb pen we’ve reviewed that we think everyone will love.”

The performance is fantastic, whichever setting you use. The DRAY’s new quartz heating chamber produces lovely taste, and surprising volume that satisfies as much as the larger Torpedo!

Navigating the temperature controls is much more straightforward than the Torpedo and other temperature control pens. The DRAY’s OLED display makes it easy to see what you’re doing, and the housing has more control buttons without the design getting cluttered. There are 3 in total: a main power button and scroll buttons to adjust the heat.

We’re always picky about recommending premium pens like this, so rest assured that the DRAY has more than enough smart design tweaks to justify the price! The housing feels fantastic, and there are very few seams. It vibrates when it’s at temp, so you don’t have to guess your hit timing. Those are just a few examples on a pen that really pushes the envelope out!

“a pen that really pushes the envelope out!”

The most obvious area where the design tweaks make your life easier is filling and cleaning. The DRAY has a magnetic mouthpiece, which clicks easily on and off. You can pull it off without trouble, but it doesn’t fall off by accident. Inside, there’s a cleanable grate, which is an upgrade on the replaceable mesh filters in the Torpedo.

Most satisfying of all is the DRAY’s wedge-lip mouthpiece. It fits comfortably, facilitates good airflow, and makes for tidy fills. It’s by far the best mouthpiece we’ve found to date on a dry herb pen.


The DRAY is by far the priciest of our dry herb recommendations. It’s nearly twice as expensive as the Micro, and costs a lot more than the Torpedo, too. This probably isn’t something to buy as your first dry herb pen, unless you know you’re picky about your hits (many medicinal users are).

The DRAY doesn’t stand up well on its own, so we’ve found that the easiest way to fill is to hold it between your legs. It’s really not a dealbreaker, but something to bear in mind.

The DRAY’s mouthpiece can get a bit hot if you take a few hits in a row on a higher heat setting. Just wait a few seconds (as most of us do anyway) and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

This is an amazing vape pen for one person, but it’s not as good as the Torpedo for sharing. It doesn’t have removable mouthpiece covers, and the capacity just isn’t there.

Best All-in-one Vape Pen Reviews

We have just two recommendations in this category. They’re both from V2, and we think they’re of comparable quality and performance. So, instead of our usual ranking by price and quality, we’ll present these as a comparison. Both are top-notch vape pens, but the right one for you depends on your vaping habits and your lifestyle. Take a look!

1. V2 Pro Series 3X

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“it’s the best on the market for people who mainly vape e-liquid, with the occasional concentrate or dry herb.”

Our first pick in the “all-in-one” category is the V2 Pro Series 3X. We think it’s the best on the market for people who mainly vape e-liquid, with the occasional concentrate or dry herb.

It’s super compact, and it looks great. This is much more unobtrusive than the Series 7 below, which is optimized primarily for dry herb. Since it’s more affordable than the Series 7, this is also our most budget-friendly all-in-one pick!


The V2 Pro Series 3X is the most compact vape pen we’ve found that performs well in all three categories: e-liquid, wax/concentrates, and dry herb.

It’s no larger than your average juice pen, but it packs a lot more capability. We think it’s much more travel-friendly and inconspicuous than the Series 7, which is our other recommendation.

“no larger than your average juice pen, but it packs a lot more capability.”

Despite its sleek profile, dry herb, wax/concentrates, and e-liquid all work well in the 3X. The previous generation, the Series 3, had some definite weak spots switching, but the 3X does remarkably well. All you have to do is switch atomizers to change between vaping materials!

First and foremost, this is an excellent e-liquid pen! It has universal liquid compatibility,
thanks to three different atomizer options (0.9 sub-ohm, 1.2 ohm & 1.5 ohm). The 3X includes two e-liquid cartridges (PG/VG), too. They’re all included with the pen.

You can use the different cartridge and atomizer combos to vape anything from PG to VG blends, suiting each perfectly! It’s a level of finesse that you don’t get on most juice-only pens, not to mention all-in-one’s.

“a level of finesse that you don’t get on most juice-only pens, not to mention all-in-one’s.”

Second, the ceramic heater under the atomizer section offers maximum flavor from your dry herb and concentrates. It’s consistent, and does a much better job on dry herb than other all-in-one pens, which have a tendency to burn.

Variable voltage allows you to control the taste/volume dynamic on your e-liquid vapes. You can also use the voltage as an oven control, to make temperature adjustments for dry/wax. We like that you only need one set of controls for all the different uses. It simplifies things nicely!

Like the best juice-only pens, the Series 3X features adjustable airflow. So, whether you’re a direct-lung person or more of a mouth-to-lung vaper, you can get exactly what you want. This is also ideal for when you’re taking puffs of dry herb/concentrates, since you can adjust how it hits your throat.

While both the Series 3X and Series 7 are all-in-one’s that you can use for all kinds of vaping, this one is optimized for liquids and concentrates, where the 7 puts more of an emphasis on dry herb performance. It’s one of the best juice pens in its own right, even before you add in the fact that it’ll vape everything else!

You can personalize it a lot when you buy, too! There are 4 mouthpiece options sold with the 3X, as well as 3 finish options.

“the 3X is refreshingly simple and straightforward.”

For something that has so many features, the 3X is refreshingly simple and straightforward. there’s just one button, which you can use for everything from turning the pen on and off to controlling the temperature.

It’s also got all the key features you need to know what you’re doing: a window in the casing shows you how much you have in your cartridge, and LED battery indicator lights show you how much charge you have left.

Unlike most high-end all-in-one’s, the 3X has standard USB charging. Conveniently, it’s also a pass-through design, so you can vape as you charge!

Like most V2 products we’ve reviewed, this one ought to last you a very long time. It’s sturdy in hand, and we couldn’t find any places where it might fall apart. The Pro Series 3X comes with a lifetime warranty, too.


The Series 3X comes with pretty much everything you need, but with one glaring exception. You have to buy the dry herb cartridge separately! That’s annoying, even if it doesn’t add too much to the price tag. Be sure to snag one at the checkout so you don’t end up disappointed when you unbox.

It’s not as good for dry herb as the Series 7. The chamber is smaller, for one thing. The Series 7 is also optimized specifically for dry herb, even though it’s another all-in-one. If you primarily vape dry herb, go for the Series 7. You’ll get more specific temperature control, and more power. Unless you need something compact, in which case the 3X is the better choice.

2. V2 Pro Series 7

v2 pro series 7

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“our top all-in-one recommendation for people who vape mainly dry herb, with the occasional e-liquid or wax.”

If you want an all-in-one that’s optimized more for dry herb than for e-liquid, look no further than the V2 Pro Series 7! It’ll vape everything the 3X can manage, but its real prowess is in the dry department. It has most of the same design features, but in a dry herb-optimized package.

This is our top all-in-one recommendation for people who vape mainly dry herb, with the occasional e-liquid or wax. It gives you premium dry herb performance without sacrificing versatility!


The biggest difference between the Series 7 and the Series 3X that we’ve just looked at is size. The Series 7 is much squatter, in a shape that looks a lot like dry herb-only vape pens. The wider casing makes for a larger chamber that’s ideal for herb, since you can pack more herb in at a time than you can using the 3X.

There are benefits to the extra size in all the vaping modes. You’ll find that you can fit more e-liquid in a cartridge, too. Plus, having a larger casing inevitably means a larger battery!

That’s certainly true here, and this one is more likely to keep a heavy user vaping all day than the streamlined 3X. We think the 7 is better for folks who take lots of hits through the day.

“better for folks who take lots of hits through the day.”

You get lots of versatility with the Series 7, too! It has temperature/voltage options (3), with some additional indicator lights to show you what you’re doing (and when you’re at temperature/ready to vape!). They make it easier to get set up than the 3X. As with the 3X, you can adjust for all three vaping modes.

We’re especially in love with the 7’s cartridge design. The cartridges, like the 3X’s, are specific to the type of stuff you’re vaping. These click into place magnetically, and they also include a mouthpiece, so you don’t have to take the whole thing apart every time you want to switch vaping modes.

The most impressive thing is that the system will recognize the cartridge type and adjust its voltage/temperature to an appropriate temperature. You can always tweak as you like, but the pen does a lot more for you than on the 3X.

As with the 3X, the 7 has USB pass-through charging, which connects magnetically.

It’s covered by the same lifetime warranty, and has an excellent track record for reliability.


The Series 7 isn’t as versatile in the juice department. It only comes with one type of atomizer, so while you can certainly adjust your voltage, you don’t have the kind of finesse that you do on the 3X. That’s why we recommend that model to people who are mostly vaping juice, and this one to folks who primarily vape dry herb.

As with the 3X, you get a lot in the box, but not quite everything. On this one, the wax cartridge is sold separately.

It’s the pricier of the two, despite the fact that it doesn’t have as many options for e-liquid vaping. That’s going to be disappointing if you primarily vape juice. However, if you’re mainly focused on herb, and you use quality product, you’ll probably find that it’s worth spending more for the excellent oven on this thing!

This is quite compact, but it’s less sleek and unobtrusive than the 3X. You’ll definitely look like you’ve got a dry herb vape pen in your hand when you use the 7.

Buying Guide

We’ve shown you a whole range of vape pens in this guide. To help you narrow down your options and find your ideal setup, we’ve put together this handy section. In it, we’ll talk through all the things you need to think about before you buy.

Here’s how to get started:

Know how vape pens work

After all, there’s no way you can shop for anything well unless you know what to look for, and what actually makes the thing work! So, here’s a quick primer on vape pens! These are the key components you need to know:

  • battery

The battery is exactly what you think it is. It provides power to your vape pen, in the form of heat. The battery sends current to the atomizer, where it’s used to vaporize e-liquid, or to heat up a plate/chamber for wax or dry herb.

Batteries are rated by mAh, and the larger the rating, the longer you can expect the cell to last! Remember: you can’t out-vape your battery, so be sure to check how many hits/puffs you can take on a full charge, so you know whether a given pen will meet your needs!

  • atomizer/cartridge

Atomizers are the component which actually creates the vapor in your vape pen. Cartomizers and clearomizers are variants on the same thing. The atomizer has a metal coil, connected to the battery. Wrapped around the coil is the wick, which is where your e-juice goes. Coils are rated by resistance, but since they’re not usually changeable on pens, we’ve saved our in-depth coil talk for our guide to box mods.

Here, just know that atomizers are a component you’ll need to replace over the working life of your pen. They do wear out fairly regularly, so most of us switch pen atomizers once a week.

When you’re looking at vaping wax or dry herb, the atomizer component is usually called a cartridge, or chamber. Instead of a tank, coil, and wick combo, it’s basically a combination of a hot plate and miniature oven.

Rather than a coil getting to a certain voltage and putting out heat, the surfaces in the chamber heat up to “bake” herb or wax. That’s how they produce vapor without actually causing combustion. Chambers don’t need to be replaced, but they do need to be cleaned regularly.

  • mouthpiece/fill port

As you’d expect, the mouthpiece is where your mouth goes when you vape. It’s usually where you fill your vape pen, too. These can be made out of anything from silicone to ceramic.

  • connections

Holding everything together in your vape pen are a series of connections, usually between the battery and atomizer, and between the atomizer and mouthpiece. Connections are generally threaded, so they twist together and apart. 510 threading is a standard size to look for if you’re choosing something with threaded connections. The latest and greatest vape pens have magnetic connections which are even easier to use! The only downside is that they’re not usually standardized. 510 components from different brands can be used together, while most magnetic connections are proprietary.

  • controls

Most vape pens actually have very few controls. The majority have just one button! So, that single button will end up doing any number of different things. The more indicator lights a pen has, the better you’ll be able to keep track of what you’re doing with all your different clicks and presses. Some high-end models even have a small display built in, although that’s more common on mods.

One nearly universal feature is the 5-click lock. That’s the most common way to lock your vape and prevent kids from turning it on, or from it turning on in your pocket.

  • charging

USB (typically paired with micro USB) is always best way to go, since it’s a standard cable. Plus, most USB chargers work without you having to take your pen apart. Pass-through charging is the ultimate in convenience, since it allows you to vape as you charge!

Know what you want to vape

This guide is divided to reflect the market, so we’ve grouped all our vape pen recommendations by the type of vaping they’re made for:

  • e-liquid
  • oil/concentrates
  • wax
  • dry herb
  • all of the above

Before you start looking at specific pens, be sure you know exactly what you want to vape! If you’re only interested in vaping one thing, your search is easy! Just scroll to our picks in that category. It gets a bit more complicated when you want to vape multiple substances. Check out our “all-in-one” recommendations for guidance!

Think about power vs. portability

Vape pens are popular primarily because they’re so portable. No other kind of vaporizer is as easy to carry around, especially in your pocket. And because vape pens are so compact, they’re less conspicuous to use in your daily life.

Of course, as with any device, you have to find the right balance between compact size and battery life. For instance, it’s not good having an absolutely tiny vape pen if it only lasts long enough to give you one puff! Likewise, even though a massive pen would allow you to puff constantly all day long, it wouldn’t be pleasant to lug around or use.

The same is true of the tank or chamber size on the atomizer. The smaller it is, the more compact and sleek your vape pen will be.The larger it is, the more puffs you’ll be able to take between refills.

So, try and figure out what the right balance is for you! The goal is to be able to get through an average day without having to charge or refill (unless you don’t mind doing so).

In the real world, despite the efficiency you’ll find from some high-end models, battery life is directly proportional to size. So is tank/chamber capacity. If you’re a heavy user, you’ll probably want to look at something on the larger side of things. If you’re a light to average user, most compact to midsize models will get you through a day.

Decide on format

There are two ways you can go with a vape pen. Most of us use vape pens with refillable tanks. That’s the cheapest way to go over the long term, since you can buy your e-liquid in bulk. Wax and dry herb pens are only designed for refill use. However, you can get e-liquid vape pens in a “pod” format, where you buy pre-filled atomizer cartridges. This is obviously more convenient than refilling the pen yourself, but it will cost a lot more over the long term. Think about which way you want to go.

What’s important to you? Simplicity or customization?

As you compare vape pens, you’ll find that models cater to one or the other of these characteristics. Some, like the super popular JUUL, are all about simplicity. You can’t make any adjustments yourself–everything’s pre-optimized and you just puff. Others have many different settings and changeable atomizers, so you can fine-tune the pen to the specific substance you’re vaping, as well as your own preferences.

Don’t forget about looks

This is a personal device you’ll be using every day, so make sure you’ll like looking at it! Most vape pens come in a range of colors and finishes. Check out the variety before you commit to one model.

Decide on price

For each category we’ve created here, we’ve selected a few different vape pen options. While some of our categories only have two picks, most include recommendations for a budget model, a midrange option, and a premium pick. Deciding on your budget will help you direct your attention to the top or the bottom end of our lists.

So, figure out how much you can afford to spend on your vape pen. Think about how often you’ll use it, and how often you’ll need to buy replacements components. Don’t forget to think long-term when you’re figuring out your budget. Vape pens include some upkeep costs, so it’s important to know what you’re looking at before pulling the trigger.

The more you spend, the smoother a vapor you can expect. Cheap pens often leave a burnt taste, and give you harsh throat hits. More expensive models have better temperature/voltage regulation, which produces a smoother and more satisfying vapor.

As a general rule, you can get a decent budget vape pen for $25+. The most expensive models we recommend top out around ~$150. While you’re deciding how much to spend, bear in mind how much money you already spend on cigarettes. Vape pens can seem daunting at first, but most smokers will find they pay for themselves fairly quickly.

Get the real thing

Vape pens are very popular right now, and knock-off artists love to take advantage of how little the average buyer knows about them! To make sure you get the real thing, and avoid sketchy knock-off models, use our links! We’ve linked to authorized resellers or dealers in all our reviews.

There are lots of reasons to be careful about buying authentic vaping equipment. E-liquids can be toxic if they’re not produced by a reputable company and with approved ingredients. Vape pens can be dangerous, too, if they have poorly-made batteries or faulty electronics. And knock-off’s will never give you a decent vape. So, do yourself a favor and use the links in our guides!

What’s Next

We hope you’ve enjoyed this comprehensive look at vape pens. If you like the looks of any of the models we’ve recommended here, great! The best way to find more info and see current prices is to click on the links in our reviews.

If you’re interested in seeing our other vape recommendations, or checking out a different category such as box mods, head to our home page! That’s where you’ll find links to all our different buying guides.