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While vaping started as an alternative to cigarettes, it’s also grown into a popular alternative to smoking dry herb! Dry herb vapes offer clean, smooth hits without the harshness and smoke of combustion.

The trouble is, a lot of products that are sold as dry herb vapes don’t actually vape! They combust your herb, so you’re no better off than you were before. And many of the devices that don’t combust also don’t extract efficiently, so you get next to no vapor from your supply.

Don’t worry! We’ve put this guide together to show you the best dry herb vapes on the market. Our picks are true vapes! They won’t combust your dry herb, and they’ll help you get the most out of every ounce!

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V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Kit
least expensive excellent fixture
CSMNT Cosmonaut RDA by District F5VE
V2 Pro Series 3Matrix Dry Herb and Concentrates VaporizerIQ VAPORIZER
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Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Reviews

  • V2 Pro Series 3
  • V2 Pro Series 3X
  • Mig Vapor DRAY
  • V2 Pro Series 7
  • DaVinci IQ

1. V2 Pro Series 3

V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer Kit

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“a capable all-in-one with lots of user-friendly features.”

Our most affordable recommendation for vaping dry herb is the V2 Pro Series 3. It’s technically an older model, but it’s still being produced and supported by the company. We think it’s a good budget choice for folks who can’t afford something more recent. The Series 3 is a capable all-in-one with lots of user-friendly features.


The Series 3 is much more affordable than the 3X (half the price, looking at the MSRP!). Since it does most of the same things, we think it’s a nice alternative for anyone who’s got their eye on the 3X, but can’t make it work within their budget. It’s the cheapest vape we’ve found that does a good job on dry herb.

“the cheapest vape we’ve found that does a good job on dry herb.”

There’s a lot of value here, too. It’s an all-in-one, so you can use this for much more than your dry herb! It works for e-liquids, and there are actually two e-liquid cartridges available for this one (VG and PG, volume versus flavor). You can also grab a cartridge for essential oils or concentrates.


All the different cartridges are easy to switch between. They drop into the pen magnetically. You just pull one out, and put another in. They have integrated mouthpieces, so you can swap them out in one step!

That’s also how the charger attaches. It fastens to the bottom of the pen with a magnet, so you don’t have to bother with plugs, covers, or anything like that. It feels so much more deluxe and well-engineered than anything else at this price!

The 3 has good power and battery life for something on the smaller side. You should get through several cartridges’ worth of dry herb before you need to charge.

It vapes dry herb very well, too. While you don’t get the kind of finesse that you’d have on our more expensive picks, the single optimized setting gets the job done. This is a good choice for people who want a nice, smooth vape without being too picky. It never combusts, and it gives you a surprising quantity of vapor.

“it gives you a surprising quantity of vapor.”

It’s a nice, compact pen. Compared with other inexpensive dry herb vaporizers, it’s practically invisible. That’s good news for carrying the pen around. You’ll also find that it’s very unobtrusive. Such a sleek pen doesn’t scream “dry herb,” so you don’t need to worry about using it in public.

v2 pro with handIt comes in black and steel finishes, both of which look great.

This isn’t as premium as the 3X or 7 below, but it has a high-quality build compared to other inexpensive models.

While old, it’s aging well! The Series 3 is still more user-friendly and functional than most newer models. It’s very simple to use, and it works very well for the entry-level or even average vaper.

It’s covered by a lifetime warranty, which is good for up to 4 replacement units. This one isn’t as spotless in the reliability department as the newer Pro’s, but it’s still a solid investment.


The Series 3 doesn’t actually include the dry herb cartridge as sold–be sure to add it in when you buy! Thankfully, it doesn’t add too much to the cost.

The 3X does wax, too. The 3’s only good for dry herb and e-liquid. Still, at this price, we’re not complaining.

The 3X gives you more control over the power output/heat level. That’s the key reason we recommend this to people starting out, while the 3X is better for a user who’s pickier and cares about temperature settings.

The lack of adjustments does mean this won’t give you a perfect vape on every strain, especially given that everybody has a slightly different preference. So, if you can afford the 3X it’s definitely worth the extra money.

There are some other key differences between the 3 and 3X:

  • The 3 doesn’t include a wall adapter for the USB charger.
  • The battery for the Series 3 doesn’t last as long as the newer Pro’s.
  • The dry herb cap isn’t as secure as it is on the newer cartridges.
  • The inner magnets aren’t put together as well as those in the 3X, and we’ve heard from a few users who’ve seen theirs wear out.
  • While the magnetic USB charging on the 3 is certainly convenient, it doesn’t include passthrough capabilities. The 3X lets you vape as you charge, which is definitely the best way to go!

2. V2 Pro Series 3X

V2 Pro Series 3X Vaporizer Kit complete

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“the best dry herb vape in a slim pen format.”

The V2 Pro Series 3X is the successor to the Series 3, even though both models are still being produced. The 3X expands and improves on the 3’s design, so much so that we think the 3X is the best dry herb vape in a slim pen format. While our pricier picks offer even more finesse and better performance, none are as sleek and unobtrusive as the 3X!


The biggest upgrade the 3X has to offer is the increased control it gives you over the 3. You can adjust the voltage and temperature settings on the 3X. That gives you lots of control over the pen’s performance, and on the way it vapes your specific herb.

There are 3 different levels to choose from, which is enough for the average person to get what they want without making things too elaborate or costly. We think the 3X is an ideal dry herb vape for the casual user who doesn’t need anything larger or more precise.

“enough for the average person to get what they want without making things too elaborate or costly.”

It’s very user-friendly, like all the other V2 products we’ve reviewed. There’s only one button, which you can use for all the different functions. There are also 3 indicator lights to show you what you’re doing. Compared to some of our more sophisticated recommendations, it’s dead-simple to use!

Not only is there some extra control over the heating chamber on this model, but there’s adjustable airflow to boot! We think a lot more people will get their ideal dry herb vape experience from this than from the 3, simply because you can control the draw.

The airflow adjustments are as easy to navigate as everything else on this pen. You just twist a collar!

While we’re discussing this one as a dry herb vape for this review, it’s worth knowing that the 3X is optimized even further for e-liquid than the 3. It comes with PG and VG cartridges, plus 3 different atomizers (0.9 sub-ohm, plus 1.2 & 1.5 ohm options).

The 3X is ideal for people who vape both dry herb and juice. It’s at the top of our vape pen recommendations for e-liquid, as well as making it into this guide!

“ideal for people who vape both dry herb and juice.”

It’ll also vape wax! If you like to, er, dabble… in wax, the 3X is ideal! It does all three vaping categories very well.

Dry herb performance is even better on the 3X than the 3. A lot of that’s down to the extra control. You can get exactly the vape you want on your herb, tweak the balance between volume and flavor, and suit your own personal preferences!

There are 4 different mouthpiece options, too. Basically, this is a highly customizable, versatile vape pen!

v2 pro series with hand

The 3X has many of the same features as the 3:

  • magnetic, drop-in cartridges
  • USB charging with a magnetic connection
  • single-button operation

It adds a few more features that we haven’t gotten to, as well:

  • A motion-activated sensor gives you battery life updates, using a wraparound light at the bottom of the pen.
  • Pass-through charging lets you vape as you charge!
  • Longer battery life on this one means you can get through several entire cartridges of herb before you have to power up.

The 3X is as compact and inconspicuous than the 3! It’s actually slightly smaller, though you’d be forgiven for not noticing a difference. The most impressive thing about the 3X in our eyes is that it packs so much functionality into such a small build. If you want to vape dry herb but don’t like the wide, boxy “pens” that are usually in this category, the 3X is a great alternative.

It comes in a few different finish options: black, gunmetal, and red. We think they all look pretty stellar. Another perk of having different mouthpiece options is that you can give your pen even more of an individual twist.

The 3X has none of the reliability issues which have affected the 3 (even though that most buyers of the 3 haven’t had any problems). It has a spotless track record, and it’s covered by the same lifetime warranty/


As with the 3, you’ll have to buy the dry herb cartridge separately. It’s not a big add-on cost, but do make sure you add it to your cart, or you’ll be disappointed when you get your pen!

It’s about twice the price of the 3, though it’s still significantly cheaper than our other recommendations.

The chamber isn’t as large as the ones you’ll find on our pricier picks. That’s mostly because this is a slim cylinder as opposed to a wider pen. If you’re a heavier/more frequent user, you may find one of the boxier models more practical. The V2 Pro Series 7 (reviewed below) is a larger alternative with most of the same features.

The DRAY and DaVinci below give you even more control. If you’re a perfectionist, or pickier about your herb, they’re worth your money.

3. Mig Vapor DRAY

Mig Vapor DRAY

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“an excellent midrange choice for people who just want to vape dry herb.”

Mig Vapor’s DRAY is new, and it’s one of the best new products to hit the dry herb market in a long time. The DRAY is the successor to Mig Vapor’s old Matrix vape. We liked the Matrix but it had iffy reliability, and the design was pretty clunky. This completely blows it out of the water!

The DRAY is an excellent midrange choice for people who just want to vape dry herb. It’s perfect for the average user who wants some finesse without spending an exorbitant amount for something like the DaVinci. It’s compact, user-friendly, and vapes excellently.


The biggest advantage the DRAY has is precision. This thing has far more precise temperature control than the V2’s above, and actually more than the Pro Series 7 below. That’s despite the fact that the 7 is actually costlier than the DRAY!

You can adjust the heating chamber between 385-430 degrees F, down to increments as fine as single degrees. That’s compared to just 3 settings on the V2’s. The DRAY might not have quite the temperature range of the DaVinci, but you can get the same amount of finesse!

“allows you to get exactly the vape you want for the specific herb you use.”

Being able to control temperature so finely allows you to get exactly the vape you want for the specific herb you use. You can control the quality of the vapor, too, which lets you tweak the sensation of the hit.

Basically, the overall vape experience becomes a lot more personal with something like this. That’s why we recommend it to anyone who’s a bit pickier, or who’s been disappointed by a lack of adjustments on dry herb vapes in the past.

“a lot easier to navigate than other dry herb vapes for the price.”

We’ve also found that the DRAY is a lot easier to navigate than other dry herb vapes for the price. It has an OLED display which shows you the temperature settings, the actual internal temperature and real-time battery life status. There are only 3 buttons to keep track of, and the pen vibrates when it’s at temperature.

dre-vaporizer 3 buttonsThis one’s also got the latest heating technology inside. Quartz chambers and heating elements are all the rage these days, and the DRAY features both. We still think ceramic is perfectly serviceable, but quartz is definitely where the industry is going. It’s more efficient than ceramic, and equally good at preserving flavor.

From the outside, the biggest difference between the DRAY and the V2’s above is its size/shape. This looks like a lot of other dry herb vape pens, with a wide, slim body, instead of a narrow pen shape. The wider profile allows for a bigger chamber than the 3X, and a longer-lasting battery (1800mAh super cell).

Thanks to both those internal tweaks, this one will get you a lot further on one charge and one fill. We can’t give you an exact number of puffs, since actual battery life depends on the temperature you use, the amount of herb you have loaded, and more.

The wedge mouthpiece on the DRAY is a lot more comfortable than it looks. It’s like a wide-bore top cap on a vape mod, only on a dry herb setup. It pulls very easily, and is a lot more intuitive than you’d think for breathing direct to your lungs.

It’s very easy to keep clean, which is something we always appreciate! The DRAY’s removable grate keeps things neat inside the heating chamber, since you can simply pull it out to empty. The kit also includes cleaning tools for cleaning the chamber itself.

“a seriously cool-looking pen.”

While we’re sure some people might beg to differ, we think this is a seriously cool-looking pen. The unique design and finish are very modern, and the texture on the casing lends the pen a nice tactile feel. It’s certainly distinctive!

The older Matrix had some reliability issues, but as far as we can tell they’ve been solved for this updated model. It’s got a spotless track record so far.


The DRAY comes with a relatively short warranty, compared to the lifetime coverage on the V2’s and the DaVinci’s 10-year policy. It’s only covered by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

The looks may not be for everyone. The V2’s and the DaVinci are a bit less out there. The DaVinci in particular looks like a smartphone, compared to this, which is like a smartphone with an Otterbox.

The DaVinci is yet more precise and customizable. It’s our ultimate recommendation for perfectionist dry vapers, and for those who simply want the most convenient solution for dry herb.

You’ll also find that the DaVinci looks and feels more deluxe. It has the edge in build quality, too. It’s entire airway is ceramic, including the mouthpiece. The DRAY uses some plasticized materials, especially in the mouthpiece.

Unlike the V2 models we’re recommending in this guide, the DRAY is only good for vaping dry herb. It won’t handle wax, concentrates or e-liquid. If you want an all-in-one with a similar size, have a look at the V2 Pro Series 7 below.

4. V2 Pro Series 7

v2 pro series 7

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“the best all-in-one we’ve reviewed when it comes to dry herb!”

V2’s Pro Series 7 is our top recommendation for those who want to vape dry herb along with something else. It’s very similar to the 3X we’ve already looked at, only optimized for dry herb rather than e-liquid.

This is by far the best all-in-one we’ve reviewed when it comes to dry herb! It gives you more room in the tank and runtime in the battery than the 3X, but it’s just as user-friendly and simple to operate.


Like the Pro Series 3X that we’ve reviewed above, the 7 vapes anything! It’s a true all-in-one that you can use for dry herb, wax, concentrates and e-liquid. Given that it’s about the same price as the DRAY, that’s a lot more functions for your money!

The biggest difference between the 7 and the 3X above is that the 7 is optimized for dry herb. The 3X does a good job on dry herb, but most of the components and cartridges are aimed more at e-liquids. This one is all about herb, from the large heating chamber to the wide mouthpiece.

It does an excellent job, too! The Series 7 provides enough options for the average person to find something they like, without having to click around too much. It has consistent, steady heating. The vapor tastes great, and there’s a satisfying amount of it–especially compared to the 3X.

“the hit is as close to perfect as you can get under $200.”

What we like most coming from the 3X to the 7 is the optimized airflow on this one. There aren’t any adjustments, but we don’t think you’ll want any! It’s smooth as anything but the DaVinci, and the hit is as close to perfect as you can get under $200.

If you’re the type of user who doesn’t need the degree-by-degree controls on the DRAY, but still wants something on the nicer end of the spectrum, this is a great alternative. It’s also our top recommendation for people who vape primarily dry herb, but want some extra versatility!

Like the 3X, the Pro Series 7 uses magnetic cartridges, with a drop-in design. The mouthpieces are integrated in the same way, so you can swap them out very easily. It comes with a dry herb cartridge and an e-liquid cartridge in the box.

This model also uses the same controls as the 3X for helping you select a voltage or temperature setting. We think the Series 7 has the edge, though, thanks to a clever automatic feature. This pen recognizes the type of cartridge you’re us, and adjusts the settings accordingly. Switching between modes doesn’t come easier than this, which is why the 7 is our top all-in-one pick for any category!

“Switching between modes doesn’t come easier than this”

Since it’s not in a traditional pen profile, the thicker Series 7 offers longer battery life and a more generous chamber size than the 3X. You can get a lot more runtime out of this one! That’s why it’s a better all-in-one option for people who vape dry herb steadily throughout the day.

Even though it’s a boxier design, it’s sleeker than the DRAY! The DRAY isn’t exactly bulky, but it’s definitely a boxy vape where this is just a slightly thicker pen. We actually prefer the Series 7 on the go, for that reason.

The lack of a display can also be an advantage, if you’re trying to be unobtrusive about your dry herb vaping. This one just has small indicator lights, so it’s much less conspicuous!

As with the 3X, the Series 7 has convenient, magnetic USB charging and a pass-through design which lets you vape as you charge.

It’s easy to maintain, since it comes with cleaning tools and replaceable screens, like the DRAY.

V2’s lifetime warranty makes it a great long-term investment. This one has an excellent track record for reliability, too!


You can’t get as much control as the DRAY, even though the Series 7 is the more expensive. There are just three settings on the 7, whereas the DRAY has a full temperature scale. You’re really paying for the added functions of an all-in-one, rather than precision adjustments. So, if you have no plans to vape e-liquid, wax, or concentrates, stick with the DRAY.

Since it’s not as precise as the DRAY, it should come as no surprise that it doesn’t even approach the DaVinci in that department. Not only does the DaVinci offer finer temperature control, it allows you to use your phone as a controller, and program your entire vape sessions along custom paths. If you’re a perfectionist, get the DaVinci!

5. DaVinci IQ


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“the dry herb user’s dream machine!”

There are a few premium dry herb vapes on the market right now, competing for the top spot. Much as we like the Firefly and the PAX, the DaVinci IQ is an easy choice for our favorite.

It’s simply the most enjoyable to use, and it has the edge in virtually every department. If you’re a perfectionist who wants the absolute best dry herb experience, the IQ is the way to go.

The DaVinci has intuitive built-in controls, plus smartphone integration which makes controlling your vape as easy as anything we’ve used. You can do all sorts of things with this, from choosing a specific temperature to programming out an entire vape session.

We’re blown away by the performance, as well as the intelligent design. It’s really the dry herb user’s dream machine!


It takes precision further than anything else on the market right now. As with the DRAY, you can adjust temperature by single degrees. The DaVinci actually gives you a wider temperature range to work with, too! You can set the heating chamber anywhere from 250-430 degrees F.

“takes precision further than anything else on the market”

Beyond actual temperature, you can adjust what DaVinci call “paths.” Basically, what “paths” are are programmed vape sessions. For instance, you might do four 10-second hits at a high temperature. Or, you might do a few little vapes and build up to a big finish.

There are 4 of these automatic programs onboard, each with different temps, times and strengths. Even without getting into custom patterns (which we will in a second!), that’s enough variety to suit most people.

We also like the two modes that don’t get all the press: Boost and Standby. Boost is your ordinary manual function, which heats and cools when you press the fire button. Basically, it’s an on-demand hit. Standby is exactly what you think it is: an energy-saving mode to conserve battery without having to turn the whole thing on and off.

“the DaVinci manages to be very navigable.”

For something so elaborate, the DaVinci manages to be very navigable. Even if you’re not a vape geek like us, we think you’ll find it’s a breeze. A smart grid of indicator lights on the casing works in place of a display. There are 51 LEDs in total, and they spell out temperatures or give graphic representations of the “smart paths.”

davinci temperatureWeirdly enough, we prefer the grid to most displays, from a visual standpoint. It’s certainly a lot less obtrusive than the display on the DRAY, which has bright numbering and calls attention to itself. This approach is a lot classier.

Of course, we’ve been ignoring the elephant in the room up to this point. The biggest difference between the IQ and our other picks is smartphone connectivity! This vape connects to your phone via bluetooth, and has a coordinating app.

The app is really fantastic, especially compared to the ones you see on some of the other smart vapes these days. It has more intuitive controls than the device itself, since you get a button for everything, and multi-touch functionality. You don’t have to do multiple things with each button, and you can control things to an even greater degree of detail!

The key additional feature on the app is the ability to program your own smart paths. That lets you go way further than choosing a temperature and time! You can plan out your perfect vape session from start to finish, including time, temp, and intervals. If you vape dry herb several times a day, and are pickier about your experience, you’ll find this is by far the most satisfying way to go.

davinci iq app interface

There are other benefits to using the app as well. The app tracks your usage, so you can see which temperatures were the best, and which you’d change in future sessions.

All in all, having such a well thought-out app integration makes the DaVinci the most pleasant dry herb vape on the market to use. The competition’s not even close. Of course, if you’re not picky about settings and adjustments, you might find it perfectly convenient to use something simpler, like a V2. But if you’re anything of a connoisseur, this is utterly joyous to use.

davinci inverted mouthpieceAside from all the smart features, it’s simply a great vape pen! It has an inverted mouthpiece with smooth draw, a zirconia pearl lid to keep flavor consistent in the chamber, and an entirely ceramic airway. While nearly every other vape on the market uses plastic somewhere in the airway, this one’s entirely ceramic! It’s exactly what perfectionists want.

“It’s exactly what perfectionists want.”

All the smart design pays off in performance, too. Put simply, this thing has the best flavor, volume, and smoothness of anything we’ve reviewed.

It’s sleek and compact, and weighs well under half a pound. This thing is no trouble at all to carry around all day.

davinci with hand

We love the battery design on this one. It’s unlike nearly every other high-end vape in that it’s not proprietary! The DaVinci takes a standard 18650 battery. So, you can swap it out to get instant increased runtime, and you can replace it when the battery starts to lose its function.

Most other vape pens are disposable once the battery starts going downhill. This one’s much easier to keep going for years! Plus, you can charge the battery inside the pen via USB, like most nicer mods. It’ll give you about 1.5 hours of vaping per charge.

The IQ comes in 4 finish options, all brushed metal. The fit and finish on this thing is out of this world. It’s like an iPhone–sleek, solid, and very stylish. You can get it engraved, too. And hey, when you’re spending this kind of money, why not?

It’s a very safe long-term investment. The replaceable battery means the most important component is simple to fix, and the whole thing is covered by a 10-year warranty.


It’s very, very expensive. This is several times the price of our cheaper picks, and a solid $100 more than our next best recommendation. We think you can get your money’s worth if you’re going to use it every day and take advantage of the smart features, but it’s not something everybody needs to splurge for.

As with the DRAY, the DaVinci is only made for vaping dry herb. While it’s worth the money to perfectionists, it doesn’t offer the kind of value that an all-in-one does.

Technically, you can control the DaVinci relatively easily using the onboard controls. We don’t think it’s worth the money if you’re not going to make use of the smartphone integration, though. Sure, the precise temperature controls and preset “smart paths” on the unit itself offer even more functionality than the DRAY, but the app offers a more seamless way to operate the vape, and it’s the only way to program custom paths.


Now that you’ve had a look at all our recommendations for vaping dry herb, which should you buy?

The V2 Pro Series 3 is the best choice for anyone trying to vape dry herb on a tight budget. It’s a fraction of the cost of our other recommendations, and gives you decent performance on most herb. This doesn’t have any adjustments or settings, though, and it does have an imperfect reliability record. If you can afford the 3X, we think that’s a better budget buy.

The V2 Pro Series 3X is our budget pick for those who want to save money, but still want some control over their dry herb vaping experience. It gives you as many settings as the more expensive Series 7. This is also the best dry herb vape we’ve found in a sleek pen format. You get lots of value here, too, if you vape e-liquid or wax. The downside of having such a small vape is that the battery life and heating chamber won’t give you as much runtime.

The Mig Vapor DRAY is our midrange choice to folks who only want to vape dry herb, and who want precision without a premium price tag. It has temperature control by degree, like the DaVinci. The difference is this one’s half the price! The DaVinci has a better price range, though. It also has even more customization on offer, and is a higher-end vape in general.

The V2 Pro Series 7 is our midrange recommendation to people who want to vape dry herb as well as e-liquid and wax. It gives you the battery life and compartment space of the DRAY, but adds some extra versatility. The V2 doesn’t have as precise of temperature adjustment, though. And if you’re not going to be vaping wax or e-liquid, the DRAY is a better buy.

The DaVinci IQ is our ultimate recommendation to the connoisseur, and to anyone who knows they’ll get their money’s worth from it. It’s a premium vape in every sense of the word. You can customize absolutely everything, and it’s the best performer in all departments. Still, not everybody needs to spend this much on a dry herb vape. People who only vape casually can do very well with one of our cheaper picks.

Buying Guide

We’ve presented a wide range of options for vaping dry herb in this guide. To help you figure out which model will suit you best, we’ve come up with a few pointers! Here’s how to find your ideal dry herb vape:

Think about what you want to vape

Are you planning to vape just dry herb? Or do you want something more versatile? We’ve included all-in-one and dry herb-only recommendations in this guide. If you want to vape more than one thing, it’s more cost-effective to get one of our high-quality all-in-one picks than to buy two different vapes. If you’re only interested in dry herb, you should choose something that’s not designed with lots of additional features and modes you won’t use.

Figure out your budget

Our recommendations for dry herb vaping range from $50-$300. So, there’s a pretty big price range to choose from. Think about which features are important to you, and how much you can afford to spend.

You won’t find anything decent with adjustments under $100. If you know you want to have precision temperature controls, plan to spend $125+. We generally consider $50-$100 to be the budget bracket, and $100-$150 to be midrange. Above $150, you’ll be looking at premium vapes.

The more you pay, the better control you can expect to have over your vaping experience.

Know what else you need

If you’re buying an all-in-one vape for dry herb, check whether it actually includes the dry herb cartridge! Some don’t. So, be sure to remember to add one in at the checkout. Likewise, not all vape pens include wall chargers. Most will have a USB charging cable, but only some models come with a wall adapter. If you need/want one, remember to check that it’s there or add one to your cart.

What’s Next

We hope you’ve found at least one model in this guide that could suit your dry herb needs! If you have, awesome! Click on the links in our reviews to find out more about any of our recommendations, and to check current prices.

To read more of our expert reviews and buying guides, check out our homepage! That’s your source for all the best vaping gear, guides, and tutorials.