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Vape pens have their appeal for portability and convenience, but box mods separate the casual vapers from the real connoisseurs. And to people who vape steadily all day, they’re hands-down the more practical way to go.

Box mods can seem very daunting to shop for if you’ve never used one, though. Even if you’ve used mods before, the sheer number of different models on the market is overwhelming.

We’ll take all the mystery out of the box mod market in this guide! We’ve compiled a few of the very best box mods on the market, at a wide range of price points. These mods are all the most powerful, portable, and reliable we’ve found!

There’s something for everybody here, so check them out!

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Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Starter Kit
CSMNT Cosmonaut RDA by District F5VE
Eleaf iStick PicoSMOK AlienSX Mini G Class 200W
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Best Box Mod Reviews

  • Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC
  • SMOK Alien 220W TC
  • Halo Reactor Shorty
  • Halo Reactor Mega
  • V2 Trinity
  • Craving Vapor HexOhm 3.0
  • SX Mini G-Class 200W TC
  1. 1.Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC
  2. Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Starter Kit
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“our most budget-friendly box mod recommendation”

There are lots of collaboration vapes on the market, created in partnerships between reviewers/bloggers and manufacturers. The Pico is one of the very few that live up to the hype!

The Pico is our most budget-friendly box mod recommendation. It’s compact, user-friendly, and leaves plenty of room to grow. We think it makes an excellent first box mod. The Pico is also a capable compact option for more experienced users on a budget.


The Pico is very, very affordable. This box mod is usually available for the price of the average vape pen! We think it’s a great way to get into high-quality box mods without making a big investment. The price is especially good for something with temperature control!

In addition to being one of the most affordable, it’s one of the smallest box mods on the market. We think this is an excellent choice for people with small hands, as well as anyone who wants the battery life of a mod without the usual bulk.

eleaf quirky look

All in all, the Pico is extremely ergonomic. It fits easily in hand, and we think it’s a good mod for people who want to get advanced without getting bulky.

“more powerful than other compact options”

It’s more powerful than other compact options, too! At 75W, the Pico is at the top end of single-battery/mini mods. Even the more expensive compact models aren’t any more powerful. It’s a refreshing change from the underpowered models you usually find in this bracket!

We’re recommending the TC (temperature control) version of the Pico. We think it gives you a lot more value for your money. After all, the whole point of a mod is to have precise control over the vape experience! On the TC model, you can control the wattage directly, use the bypass mode (don’t do this if you’re not experienced), or control temperature from 200-600 degrees F.

Unlike a lot of other compact models, you’re not especially limited in your coil choices, either. Nickel, titanium, and stainless steel coefficients are pre-programmed in the temperature controls. There are also 3 custom modes for you to use other setups.

“easy to navigate, regardless of your skill level”

It’s easy to navigate, regardless of your skill level. The settings are adjustable via controls on the bottom, and there’s a fire button right on the front. The Pico has an OLED display to keep you up to speed on resistance, voltage, and wattage (or a TC mode).

eleaf controls

While we usually like having all the controls in one place, having the adjustments on the bottom can be a safer way to go for new vapers. You won’t inadvertently jack your wattage when you’re just trying to press the fire button.

With most mods at this price point, you want to run out and replace the tank immediately. That’s not true of this one! The Pico box mod comes paired with a sub-ohm tank that we love in its own right–even more as a set!

eleaf pico micro-USB portThe tank has a 2ml capacity that’s about as large as you’d want on a compact mod. It gives you a decent juice capacity without being awkwardly large for the box. There’s a 0.3 ohm kanthal coil pre-loaded, plus a replacement at 0.5 ohm. The whole thing is made from a mix of
stainless steel and pyrex.

This is an admirable performer, especially for something so small and inexpensive. It puts out a surprising volume of vapor, and the taste is great too. The best thing is how well it works with a simple design. The Pico makes it easy for beginners to get excellent results!

“makes it easy for beginners to get excellent results!”

It’s a high-quality piece from top to bottom. The business end is an insulated 510 drip tip with a nice polished finish. It’s a lot sturdier than the cheap-o tips on the competition. At the core is an adjustable airflow, hidden from the outside. It gives you plenty of options to control the draw.

The Pico is very easy to customize down the road. It uses standard 510 threading, so you can swap tanks later on if you feel inclined. RDA’s and so forth are pretty straightforward to install.

It looks great! The Pico comes in lots of funky colors, as well as some unobtrusive black/metal finishes.

eleaf istick different colors

It’s made for the long haul. Nearly all other compact options are chintzy as heck, but the Pico is a sturdy little gadget! It’s nearly all metal, and even the buttons feel good. Plus, the controls will last a long time, thanks to micro-USB firmware updates.

Something that’s a surprising treat at this price: pass-through charging! Being able to vape as you charge isn’t something you can take for granted on inexpensive mods.


As with most mod kits, it doesn’t come with everything. Remember to add in an 18650 battery and e-liquid. If you need help choosing a suitable battery, check out our dedicated buying guide!

It’s very good for its size. However, there are certainly some limitations with this one. The single battery won’t last as long as a dual setup, for instance. You can’t get as high a temperature, either.

Having the wattage adjustments on the bottom isn’t as convenient as mods where they’re all in one place. It’s nice for beginners, since you won’t accidentally press a directional key when you’re trying to hit the fire button, but more advanced users will probably want all the controls in one place.

The 30-day warranty coverage isn’t exactly extended. We’re linking to MistHub, where you can throw in an extended policy relatively cheaply.

This isn’t the absolute best compact mod. That title has to go to the Halo Reactor Mega, which we’ve reviewed below! The Reactor is a bit more powerful and it has a better design overall.

2. SMOK Alien 220W TC


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“a fantastic choice for anyone who wants maximum power.”

SMOK’s Alien mod is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants maximum power. It’s a relatively affordable kit, but it has a higher overall wattage than any of the other models we recommend.

The Alien is a very expandable kit that you can pair with any tank or coil down the road. Like the Pico, it’s both versatile and precise. It might not be as sophisticated or premium as our more expensive choices, but there’s a tremendous amount of bang for your buck here!


The Alien’s dual 18650 battery ports give you a massive total wattage: 6-220W. There’s also a much wider temperature range on this one: 200-600 degrees F. With higher temps come higher volumes, of course! The SMOK is the most powerful box mod we recommend, so it’s perfect for ambitious cloud-chasers who want maximum grunt.

alien dual batteryHaving such a massive wattage means you can use basically any tank with the Alien. That’s why we think it’s a good way to go if you’re planning to expand and experiment further down the road. It supports resistance as low as 0.06, and all the same coil materials as the Pico (nickel, stainless steel, titanium).

“lots of power on a budget!”

It’s especially good for getting lots of power on a budget! The Alien’s not much pricier than the Pico, but it packs a heck of a lot more under the bonnet.

There are some other advantages to having a larger, dual-battery mod. For one thing, you get more room for things like displays and controls! The Alien’s controls are placed with the screen, which is where most of us prefer them to be.

Smok-Alien-220W-TC-Box-Mod-GoldThe display is much larger than your average box mod’s, too, since it’s on the wide section of the body. It displays voltage, amperage, resistance, mode, temperature, and a puff counter. There are also smart battery life readings for each individual battery. That’s a much more detailed readout than you’ll have on anything which places the display along the side of the box.

While a lot of other high-powered boxes around this price can be dangerous, the SMOK has plenty of safety features to balance out the high wattage. Over-current, over-amp, reverse polarity, and over-discharge protections are all integrated.

In the kit we’re recommending, the Alien box is paired with a compact sub-ohm tank, called the Baby Beast. It’s very well-reviewed on this site by itself, so we consider it a real a bargain here! The Baby Beast is made from the usual stainless steel and glass, including an adjustable airflow ring.

smok alien atomizerAll told, it’s very comparable to the Pico’s atomizer. There’s a bigger juice well on this one, though. You can get about 50% more e-liquid in there.

The biggest difference is that this one includes a Delrin drip tip. Delrin’s not as visually satisfying as the stainless steel drip tip on the Pico, but it definitely does a better job insulating against heat than any metal component. Plus, there’s a wide bore on this one, which is what you want for cloud-chasing!

We also love how versatile the Baby Beast is. Even out of the box, it includes dual, quad, and octuple coil heads. That’s more options than you get with most box mod kits.

“an ideal playground for people who want to get into coil building without having any limits on wattage!”

smok alien vapeThis is also an RBA deck, so you can rebuild coils and play around with configurations later on down the road. It’s an ideal playground for people who want to get into coil building without having any limits on wattage!

As with the Pico, the SMOK uses standard 510 connections. You can easily replace the tank if another RDA or RBA is up your alley. Obviously, this has the wattage to support any kind of tank you could want to use!

The Alien also includes the typical micro-USB pass-through charging, firmware updates.

It’s covered by a longer 60-day warranty than the Pico.


Despite the longer warranty, the SMOK Alien is still an imperfect investment long-term. It has a few known reliability issues, even though they only affect a small percentage of units. Loosening 510 connections or glitchy displays are a few problems we’ve heard about, even if we haven’t run into them in our review process.

This one gives you lots of power for a low price, but it’s definitely not as well-made as our other picks.

Chipping paint is an issue with this one. The paint job isn’t as hardy as our other picks, so you may want a cover or case of some sort.

3. Halo Reactor Mega

Reactor Mega Starter Kit

“the best compact mod on the market.”

Halo’s Reactor Mega is one of two “built-in” box mods we recommend. That is to say, box mods which don’t use replaceable, standard 18650 batteries.

Like the V2 Trinity below, the Reactor Mega has a proprietary power cell built into the box. There are downsides to designs like these, since you’ll need a new box when the battery wears out. The upside is that proprietary power cells typically pack a lot more of a punch than standardized designs!

We think the Mega is the best compact mod on the market. It offers slightly higher wattage than the Pico, and much better battery life. It’s the best choice for people who want something small without sacrificing capacity or performance.


Despite the fact that it packs more in the tank and more under the hood, the Halo Reactor Mega is compact like the Pico. It’s only slightly larger, and still fits easily fits in hand. So, you get higher voltage and temperature options without any bulk! The same is true of battery life.

“higher voltage and temperature options without any bulk!”

You can also see similarities to the Pico in the controls. The Reactor Mega has an OLED screen in a similar arrangement, only all the controls are next to the display. It’s a more convenient placement, especially for more experienced folks.

The Halo box is definitely the easier of the two to navigate, and not just because of the button placement. It adds an extra “menu” button between the directional keys, which makes getting through all the different modes and features much simpler. When you have more buttons, you don’t have to do as complicated things with each one.

We like the smart modes best of all the Halo’s controls. They allow you to save your temperature/wattage preferences at up to three different resistances. So, you can choose a preset for all your atomizers/coil heads and the box will automatically adjust when it detects those tanks!

As we mentioned already, the Halo has a built-in proprietary battery. It’s not replaceable, but we think the benefits more than outweigh that small disadvantage. The proprietary cell allows for higher wattage than an 18650 achieves: 1-80W (5W greater than the Pico).

“ rivals the much more powerful SMOK Alien”

The difference really becomes apparent in temperature control mode, where the Halo rivals the much more powerful SMOK Alien. It can be set from 200-600 degrees F, for three different coil types. That’s the same range as the SMOK Alien, despite having less than half the wattage!

What’s particularly impressive is how quickly it heats up. There’s no noticeable delay between hitting the fire button and getting your vapor, even at the highest settings.

The biggest benefit to you will probably be battery life, though. The 5000 mAh cell in the Halo is way, way longer-lasting than the Pico’s. If you’re not a battery geek, 5000 mAh is a rating comparable to most paired 18650’s! For a single cell in the same size casing, that’s pretty darn impressive.

“comparable to most paired 18650’s!”

Despite the proprietary power pack, the Halo’s still a versatile mod. It works with the same coil types as our other picks (stainless steel, nickel, and titanium), and it’s compatible with anything down to 0.05 ohm. You can use practically any coil arrangement or breathing pattern on this one with ease. It comes with two nickel coils in the box, rated at 0.15 ohm.

Along with the longer-lasting battery, the Halo gives you more room in the tank. This one actually has a larger tank capacity than the Alien, despite its smaller size! It holds about 5ml of e-liquid.

Thanks to the combination of a bigger tank and longer-lasting battery, even the most demanding vape users will get at least a full day of use from it. In fact, the average user can probably expect two whole days of use without needing to refill or recharge.

The tank is also well-designed, especially if you’re all about volume. It’s built with big airflow adjustments and definitely more of a cloud-chaser than the Pico. It still has great flavor, though!

“a very impressive performer for the price.”

Overall, the Reactor Mega is a very impressive performer for the price. It’s smoother more flavorful, and more productive in the volume department than the Pico and other compact models.

There’s a stealth mode built in, too, for when you want to be subtle.

The Delrin drip tip on the Halo is a surprising treat. It’s wrapped in stainless steel, making for a nice balance between Delrin’s insulating properties and the classy look of stainless. Very few drip tips actually combine materials, so this is a smart design touch we love. It puffs smoothly too!

You get everything you need in the box. The Halo comes with USB adapter and wall charger–you don’t get a wall charger with the Pico!

halo reactor mega parts

On the whole, there’s a lot of value to be had with this set. In addition to all the components and charging gear, it also includes liquid, and a 30ml bottle to boot! That’s USA-made e-liquid, too. The best inclusion is a particularly helpful manual, which is sadly a rarity these days!

It has better warranty coverage than either the Alien or Pico: a 60-day battery warranty, and a 90-day warranty on the charging equipment. Plus, this thing has a spotless reliability record.


This box mod includes a proprietary battery which you can’t replace. We think that’s balanced out by the massively improved specs on the cell, but the fact remains that when the battery goes, so will the mod.

There’s one awkward design element we’d have changed: the charging port is on the bottom. So, you have to charge it on its side, which is obviously not great if you have some leftover e-liquid in the tank. It’s pretty leakproof, but at 90 degrees any tank might drip a bit. It’s a matter of timing your tank filling with your charge cycle.

It’s quite a bit more expensive than the Pico. There are definitely some impressive performance boosts on this model, but it’s not the most budget-friendly box mod out there.

The downside of having more juice capacity is the fact that the Halo has a very tall tank compared to the Pico’s. The tank is the one area where it’s significantly larger. This is still a compact mod, but the extra height is something to bear in mind as you compare your options.

As with any nickel coils, the ones in the box aren’t good for wattage mode. They’re just meant for temperature control, so if you want to play with wattages, you’ll need some other sets.

As with any edge-mounted display, the Halo’s OLED screen doesn’t show as much information as the Alien.

4. V2 Trinity

Vapor2 TRINITY Vaporizer Kit

“perfect for someone who loves everything about a box mod other than the usual size!”

V2’s Trinity is an ultra-compact mod that’s technically in the “box” category, even though it may not look it at first glance. This is like a squared-off vape pen in many ways. It performs like a box mod, but has a narrow body and tall design.

We think the Trinity makes a high-quality starter mod for people who want finesse, but don’t want to deal with bulky boxes. It’s also capable enough to be an ultra-portable option for advanced users whose other box mods are too bulky to take everywhere. Basically, it’s perfect for someone who loves everything about a box mod other than the usual size!


The biggest advantage the Trinity has over other box mods is its size. This is a very, very compact box, which we’d call an ultra-compact model. It’s barely wider than the average pen, and it’s actually smaller than some all-in-one pens we’ve reviewed.

Thanks to the small format, it’s super portable. You can take this absolutely anywhere. It’s also a lot more inconspicuous than other box mods. We love that it allows you to have the kind of output and versatility of a box mod without taking up so much space!

“a lot more inconspicuous than other box mods.”

This is a real box mod, too. While it may have a lower overall wattage, it still has everything you expect from a good box mod. There’s an OLED screen to display battery life and settings, adjustment controls on the top of the box, and a long-lasting battery.

One neat thing about the Trinity is that it comes with interchangeable atomizers. Every other box mod we’ve reviewed just comes with one, even if you get a few different coil options in the box.

This one has two distinct decks, so you can swap coil types without having to fiddle with the coils themselves. That’s a nice convenience for beginners, especially. It feels like a pen kit, only with better components! One’s rated for 1.2 ohm (for PG/flavor blends) and the other at 0.8 ohm (for VG/cloud-chasing e-liquids).

You get the same basic functionality as a larger box. The Trinity’s equipped with variable temperature and voltage, just like the big boys. You can set it from 5-40W.

“the same basic functionality as a larger box.”

And while it’s clearly designed to be paired with V2 tanks, it’s still relatively compatible with others that use standard 510 threading. It’ll work with anything from 0.2-3.0 ohms in bypass mode, and 0.1-1.2 ohms in TC mode.

The really impressive thing is that it goes from 200-600 degrees–the same range as the Alien and Halo! In terms of top temps, it beats the Pico, despite having a lower wattage and smaller body.

“the same range as the Alien and Halo!”

The tank’s the real deal, just like the box unit. It’s a 2ml tank size, top-fill design with adjustable airflow. Essentially, the same thing you’d get on any other mod. It’s leak-free, and performs admirably.

That brings us to performance. We were shocked to see how well the Trinity did, especially in a market with much larger competition. It cranks out vapor with excellent volume and flavor, and the volume is particularly impressive for the price (and more so for the wattage)!

As with the Halo Reactor Mega, this one has a proprietary, built-in battery. It’s not quite the knockout performer that the Mega’s is, but then again it’s half the size! At 1200mAh, it should be enough for the average person to get through an entire day, especially given the lower output level on the mod.

There’s also a 30-minute shutoff to conserve energy, which makes a significant difference in preserving battery life.

It may be small, but the Trinity has just as many safety features as the larger box mods in this guide. It’s got short circuit, low voltage, overheating and overcurrent protection, plus an overtime vaping warning. An automatic 10-second vaping cutoff keeps you from over-vaping as well.

Our favorite feature is the twist lock on the juice holes in the tank. You can easily twist the top cap to seal off the chamber, then twist to open again when you want to vape. It’s a nifty little travel feature which does wonders for preventing leaks.

Just like our larger picks, it’s equipped with USB charging, and includes a cable. And in an improvement over the Halo, the port’s on the front of the vape rather than on the bottom.

We really like the fit and finish on the V2. A lot of mods go in a metallic direction that’s all hard surfaces, but this one’s covered in a nice grippy material. It feels really comfortable in hand, and since it’s rubberized, it doesn’t chip when it’s dropped or stored with keys. You can get it in blue and black.

Perhaps the best feature on the V2 is the lifetime warranty. It’s vastly better than the warranty policies on most box mods, which often don’t even last a year! The Trinity has an excellent reliability record, too.


Since it tops out at 40W, it has the smallest wattage range of all our picks. That’s a real limitation if you’re looking for something to chase clouds with.

As with the Halo, the V2’s battery isn’t replaceable. If it wears out, you’ll need a new mod. That’s where the lifetime warranty comes in handy, though!

It’s very pricey for what it is. You’re paying for convenience, compactness and simplicity–not extra power or versatility. For those who aren’t super concerned about size, the Reactor Mega is probably a better deal.

It’s meant for V2 atomizers, even though it does fit after-market tanks. We don’t think you’ll be inclined to change much on this one, since V2 makes a range of coil options, and the wattage is too low for real cloud-chasing or ambitious coil builds.

The Trinity is an ultra-compact mod. It’s designed for portability and stealth. This is not a workhorse. If you’re a heavy user, you might not get an entire day of use from it.

5. Craving Vapor HexOhm 3.0

craving vapor hexohm 180w

“the only mechanical mod we currently recommend.”

Craving Vapor’s HexOhm 3.0 the only mechanical mod we currently recommend. It’s the latest iteration of the company’s beloved HexOhm box mod. If you’ve even glanced around at vaping forums, feeds, or blogs, we’re sure you’ll have seen it everywhere. There are so many hyped devices in this market, but this is one of the very few that live up to the buzz!

We think the 3.0 is the best of the best in this category. It’s as rugged as you want from a mechanical mod, with a few smart tweaks to make it safer and more reliable than the others. If you’re looking to go screenless, we can’t recommend it highly enough.


The HexOhm will work with absolutely any tank you want it to. This is a perfect mod for people who want a workhorse that can be used with lots of different tanks and coil builds. It’s compatible with anything, resistance from 0.1 ohm (at 50%, 0.2 for 100%) to as high as you like! The board is rated up to 30A/180W.

It uses a standard 510 connection, just like our other recommendations. Whichever tank you choose to use should fit perfectly flush thanks to a spring-loaded pin and very neat machining.

“by far the safest and most reliable box we’ve reviewed.”

What really sets this one apart from other mechanical box mods is the proprietary board inside. It incorporates some smart and atypical features which make this by far the safest and most reliable box we’ve reviewed.

It includes a low voltage cutoff, as well as reverse battery protection. Thanks to these two tweaks, it won’t fire anything it can’t handle.

That makes it much safer than other mechanical mods, which will fire anyway and burn themselves out or put you in danger. You still need to use care and have some expertise, but they’re very useful safeguards.

There’s also a 10-second timer, which not all mechanical mods include. As anyone who vapes a lot knows, it’s easy to get lost in the clouds. The HexOhm keeps you safe from overheats.

One of the best upgrades on the 3.0 is the master on-off switch, located inside the battery compartment. It’s a simple button, which you press in to turn on, and then release to switch off.

This is a great safety feature which prevents accidental fires in your pocket or bag. It’s also something a child won’t easily figure out.

While performance always depends on the atomizer you use, this is a superb workhorse. It’s precise, it’s consistent, and very reliable.

“a superb workhorse.”

As far as build quality goes, this one’s impeccable:

Inside, there’s injection-molded Ultem material forming the battery “sled”. It’s extremely hardy, much more so than traditional plastics. It also looks great, with a finish that’s like obsidian.

hexohm craving vaporThe outside is an all-aluminum casing, with a powder-coated finish. It’s rugged without adding too much weight, and comes in 5 color options. All of them look great, and the paint job is anything but cheap!

All the essentials are built for the long haul, too. The HexOhm has solid brass battery contacts, spring-loaded for snug fits. There are hidden magnets behind the battery compartment door, which keep it from coming loose without requiring a breakable hinge or clasp.

It’s a great solution to a key issue with other box mods. The door fits tightly into the rest of the casing, with no rattles and no delicate parts to crack off. Having such a tight seal also means juice won’t get inside if you over-drip your atomizer!

hexohm black cravingThis is an American-made box mod. We always support American manufacturers where we can (and where their products deserve it), because vaping equipment made in the USA tends to be of higher quality, with better quality control and safety inspections. It’s safer for you, and supports domestic workers.

“a shining example of how good American manufacturing can be.”

We think the HexOhm is a shining example of how good American manufacturing can be. All the machining and tolerances are tight, tight, tight! Quality control is excellent, and so are the materials used in its construction.

Best of all, it’s backed by lifetime warranty coverage. That’s exactly what you want on something this pricey. And like the vast majority of American-based manufacturers, Craving Vapor have awesome customer service.


It’s the only box mod we recommend which doesn’t come with a tank. You’ll need to pick one out separately. If you need advice, or want to see our atty picks, head to our guides to the best RDA’s and RTA’s!

This is a mechanical mod. There’s no screen, and no way to tell what the wattage and resistance are at a given time. All you have to control the unit is the potentiometer, from 0-100%. You have to use your sense of taste and adjust the potentiometer manually. So, it goes without saying that only experienced vape users should buy one of these!

It’s very expensive, especially when you consider what it doesn’t include. This is twice the price of the V2 Trinity. You don’t get a screen, and you don’t get a tank. So, make sure a mechanical mod is what you want!

The HexOhm’s very prominent fire button will definitely divide users. We really enjoy it, since it has a satisfying click and never feels wiggly. Plus, it adds some interest to what’s a mostly unadorned box. Still, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it!

6. SX Mini G-Class 200W TC

SX Mini G Class 200W TC Box MOD

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“the ultimate way to go if you’re passionate about vaping.”

Yihi’s XE Mini G-Class is our top quality recommendation in the box mod category. It’s not the most powerful mod here, but it’s the most sophisticated by a long shot. We think it’s the ultimate way to go if you’re passionate about vaping. The G-Class gives you precise temperature controls, a fantastic user interface, and premium build quality.


Like the HexOhm and SMOK Alien, the G-Class uses dual 18650 batteries to give you a high overall wattage. This one maxes out at 200W/50A, which is comparable to most high-end mods. Some models (such as the Alien) have a slight edge, but this is as high as most users will actually crank their mod in practice.

sx mini batteryIt has a nice, wide range of temperature settings, too. You can adjust between 212-572 degrees F.

Much like the HexOhm, the G-Class is a fantastic workhorse mod to build off. It fits tanks as large as 31mm, and has compatibility with practically any coil configuration (0.15-3 ohms, or 0.05-0.3 ohms in temperature control mode).

“a fantastic workhorse mod to build off.”

And while your performance results will vary depending on the specific settings, atomizers, and coils you use, this is a stellar mod. It’s capable of perfect taste with plenty of clouds, and has the finesse to achieve both on any atty.

There’s barely any delay firing this one, thanks to the excellent chipset. It’s very responsive.

One big upgrade over other regulated mods: you can program wattage/temperature fluctuations, as well static settings. It’s a lot like some advanced dry herb vapes, which let you plot out your vape sessions in similar ways. Most users will probably find a temperature they like and stick with it, but if you’re a real aficionado, you can have a lot of fun with this one!

“if you’re a real aficionado, you can have a lot of fun with this one!”

The best thing about the Yihi is its user interface. This mod has a big OLED display like the Alien, and it does a whole heck of a lot. You can use the joystick navigation to do all sorts of things, from switching vaping modes to changing the wallpaper or setting a clock. It provides a customizable vaping experience in practically every regard.

sx mini control screenThe joystick is paired with a big geometric fire button, which adds a distinctive touch to this classy box mod.

While it’s not the most important reason to buy the Yihi, we really love the clock on this one. You’d be surprised how many box mods don’t have one! It stays in the corner when you’re vaping, but it can fill the screen when the mod is locked. You can choose between analog and digital looks, including a chronograph!

“gives you a much more customizable user interface than other high-end mods.”

The G-Class gives you a much more customizable user interface than other high-end mods. You can adjust things like the screen brightness, standby time, and so forth to make your gadget as personal as possible. You can even choose a leather case

It’s bluetooth-enabled, too. That makes it much easier to control, since apps give you dedicated buttons for everything. Having controls laid out for all the functions is easier than any menu system or joystick, no matter how well-designed.

It’s got excellent fit and finish. There are lots of options, from carbon fiber to leather. They’ve all got solid build quality and use high-end materials. No complaints here!

The Yihi uses the latest USB C charging, which is slightly faster than mini USB like you’d see on most other box mods. Most laptops are moving to USB C anyway, so this one’s nicely future-proofed. It also gives you a means to upgrade the firmware.

It has very respectable battery life. While your results will depend on the specific batteries and settings you use, the board is definitely more efficient than others we’ve reviewed. You can easily expect a full day of use, if not more.

Last but not least, the G-Class has all the safety features you expect on a high-end mod:

  • output short protection
  • battery low voltage protection
  • temperature overheat protection
  • battery over-charge protection
  • anti-dry burning technology


Firmware updates require a PC, which is something to be mindful of when you buy. You can’t do the upgrades over Mac OS X or a smartphone app. So, Mac users are out of luck. We’re hoping Yihi will add compatibility for that soon.

Despite it being the most expensive box mod in this guide, it’s not the most powerful. It doesn’t get quite as hot as some of our other recommendations, or have as high a wattage threshold. If you’re all about power and output, you may want to go in a different direction.

This is a sophisticated mod, and there’s a lot to learn when you first start to use it. The G-Class is definitely not for the novice vaper!

Like the HexOhm, it only includes the box mod. You’ll need to find a tank, so check out our RDA/RTA guides for suggestions!

There’s only a 60-day warranty. That’s pretty disappointing for something so expensive. The Yihi has an imperfect reliability record, too. While we haven’t run into any issues with it, we have seen a few buyer reviews online citing quality control issues.

So, if you get one, be sure to test it thoroughly in the warranty period so you can make sure you don’t end up with a lemon.


Which of these box mods is the best addition to your vaping setup?

If you’re shopping on a tight budget, there’s no question that the Pico is the best choice. It’s the least-expensive box mod here. Despite the low price and small size, it’s built solidly and has a lot of functionality. Just don’t expect it to compete with larger mods in the wattage and temperature department.

The SMOK Alien is your best bet for getting lots of power on a budget. It’s got the highest wattage of all our picks, so you can easily use it with any tank or coil combination. We also think it’s a great value, given all the different coil heads it includes. The Alien isn’t built quite as well as our pricier picks, though.

The Halo Reactor Mega is the best we’ve found in the mini mod format. It’s not much larger than the Pico, but its proprietary power cell achieves much higher temperatures and longer runtimes as well. It can hit the same high temperatures as any of our full-size picks, and the tank actually holds the most juice!

The V2 Trinity is our suggestion to anyone who wants mod-style functionality in a package that’s pen-sized. The Trinity isn’t as versatile or powerful as the more traditional box mods in this guide, but it’s an awesome travel buddy or starter mod.

We recommend the HexOhm to those advanced users who are in the market for a mechanical mod. We couldn’t find anything to fault on this design, and we think it’s the ideal screen less workhorse. The HexOhm is safer, sturdier, and more reliable than any other mechanical mod we’ve reviewed. Don’t buy one of these if you’re not experienced, though.

The G-Class from Yihi is our ultimate box mod recommendation. It’s ideal for the classy perfectionist. The fit and finish is stellar, and it’s far beyond other box mods in the versatility department. Just be careful to avoid lemons, since they’re not unheard of.

Buying Guide

As you’ve seen from the models we recommend, there are all kinds of box mods on the market these days. That’s good news, since there’s a perfect mod for everyone! The only downside is that it can take some serious parsing to figure out which meets all your criteria. This handy buying guide section will help you narrow down your options and choose the best box mod for you!

Here are the essential things to think about:


As with any piece of vaping equipment you shop for, you’ll narrow down your options in a hurry if you set a budget for yourself. Box mods tend to cost anywhere from $25-$250, so figure out what’s reasonable for you to pay.

You can do very well under $100, which means you don’t have to make lots of sacrifices to save money. More expensive box mods tend to have better build quality, but that’s not always the case! In general, you’ll find that the more you pay, the more sophisticated a set of controls you’ll have.


Another very easy way to whittle down your options is to decide what size box mod you want in your setup. There are three main formats to choose from, though there are certainly more variants.

full-size (dual-battery) box mods: the best choice for people who want the highest wattages, and the longest runtimes. Also where you’ll find the largest displays and most customizable controls.

mini (single-battery) box mods: a nice compromise that gives you most of the same functionality in a smaller format. Not the absolute best for cloud-chasing, but many can compete with full-size mods for performance.

ultra-compact box mods: the most convenient, portable options. Not great for cloud-chasing or for heavy, all-day use.

Have a look at the measurements on some of our recommendations, so you can get a sense of the sizes we’re talking about in this guide. Think about what size is going to be the most practical for your lifestyle.


Having your vaping goals in mind is one of the most important things about shopping for vape gear. Most mods are built with an emphasis toward either clouds or flavor.

Of course, you can always switch atomizers to have a different experience. If you don’t have a high enough wattage on the box mod, though, you’ll never be able to get maximum volume out of a cloud-chasing atomizer.

So, be sure you know what you’re trying to achieve before you make any decisions.

Customization vs. convenience

These two factors are a bit abstract, but they apply to your decision in a lot of practical ways. We think it’s a good idea to figure out where your priorities are regarding them, so you can find something that suits your approach to vaping.

For instance, most box mods use standard, replaceable 18650 batteries. The benefit is that you can use whichever batteries you like, and replace them when they wear out.

Some box mods go a different route, and use a built-in, proprietary power cell. You can’t swap it out, or replace it when it goes south. On the other hand, many proprietary batteries achieve higher temperatures per watt and longer runtimes than the standardized options.

This is just one example, but the dynamic applies to lots of different features and components. Think about whether you’d prefer a box mod that’s optimized but hard to modify, or one that may be imperfect up front but gives you room to expand and modify.

Regulated vs. mechanical

Lastly, consider whether you want a regulated or mechanical box mod. We recommend that the vast majority of users go for a regulated mod. They’re safer, more convenient, and just as versatile. Still, some advanced users like to go all-analog. We do have one phenomenal mechanical recommendation in this guide, but we can’t stress enough that only advanced, experienced users should buy it!

What’s Next

We hope this guide has answered all your box mod questions and then some! The easiest way to find out more about any of our picks is to click on the links in our reviews. We’ve linked to authorized dealers (or directly to the manufacturer). You can be sure to get an authentic product when you buy using our links!

For more expert reviews and recommendations in all sorts of vaping categories, head to our homepage! That’s where you’ll find links to all our other buying guides.