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Now that you’ve taken the initiative to visit this page, we’re sure you’d like to learn a bit more about us! Great! We’ve put together this little introduction to help you understand how we work, and who we are!

Our process

We look at a lot of different things when we review vape gear. And since we review a whole bunch of products, from pens to batteries, the different criteria change depending on what we’re looking at.

Still, there are some key things we try to keep in mind regardless of what we’re reviewing. These are the main areas we look at and try to explore in our in-depth reviews:

Ergonomics/user-friendliness: a vape is a highly personal item, so you want it to fit well with your hand, mouth, and lifestyle. We’ll make sure you get a good sense of the size, shape and weight of everything we recommend. We’ll also try and give you a perspective on how easy our recommendations are to use. While we always try to recommend the most user-friendly models, we’ll tell you whether there’s a steep learning curve!

Smart design: this can mean a lot of different things from product to product, but we’re always looking for efficient use of space, innovative design tweaks to solve traditional problems, and so forth.

Functionality: we want to be able to tell you exactly what you can and can’t expect from your vape gear. You’ll notice our reviews are often longer than other sites’, and there are good reasons for that! We don’t want to just list product features. We want to tell you exactly what they’ll do for you, and how they compare to the functionality you get from the competition.

Versatility: likewise, you should know up front whether a piece of vape gear will do multiple things, or just one. We’ll take you through all the different ways you can use our recommendations.

Precision: precision is super important to use when we’re reviewing. We’re not necessarily looking for temperature control on every single vape, but we expect to get a good degree of control, with repeatable results.

Performance: basically, it doesn’t matter how many cool features and design tweaks a vape has if it doesn’t give you a good experience. We devote a decent portion of our reviews to talking about how our recommendations perform. We’ll tell you about the quality of the throat hit, the general sensation of using it, and so forth.

Reliability: there’s no point having a great vape if it doesn’t last more than a few uses. We only recommend models and gear which can handle daily use!

Expansion potential: finally, we always prefer vapes which give you some room to expand or customize further down the road. We’ll let you know in our reviews whether a given recommendation is expandable, or limited.

Our team

Matt Condos
Resident Builder

Ali Eggers

Darren Kyle